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  1. wolfman1

    bent subfram

    Check this new one on eBay http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=4631240308&ssPageName=MERC_VI_RSCC_Pr8_PcY_BID_Stores_IT
  2. wolfman1

    rooster vs. devol rad guards

    I bought the Devol's for my sons bike because they were cheaper, but you get what you pay for. Very flimsy, thin, and cheap. I have Works Connection braces with I believe IMS guards on mine and this is a great combo. I've heard that Roosters and Flatlands are the best, and worth the few extra bucks.
  3. wolfman1

    Boysen Quick shot?

    I put it on and also did the JD Jetting kit, but the bog persists. It's gotten better, but its still an issue with my '05 X.
  4. wolfman1

    Fork Springs and Shock Springs

    I did mine a few months ago. The work was easy, just time consuming. Getting it all apart was the chore. I had a few questions, but I had the manual and some great advice from the regulars on this site that got me through just fine. You wont be sorry, I wasn't. Good luck.
  5. wolfman1

    Anyone Know Where To Purchase SS Oil Filter From?

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/FURIOUS-STAINLESS-STEEL-OIL-FILTER-HONDA-CRF-250R-250X_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ35595QQitemZ4600293004QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWDVWhe Furius Copy and paste this. $38.99+$5.50 to ship. I bought one- it works great.
  6. wolfman1

    Wanted : XR / CRF 70

    I've got a '99 Yamaha PW80 that probably has less than 20 hours on it. It hasn't been ridden in two years, but starts right up and rides like new. A few years ago, my son rode it down the street on a freshly chlorided dirt road and put it away for a couple months without washing it off. Because of this, it has some light corrosion on some of the undercarriage, but no damage, and you cant see it unless your'e looking for it. If you are interested, I'll take $650/firm for it. I live in Lake Orion, 15 miles South of Lapeer. My name is Ken, cell# 248-941-1966 if interested. I also have a '79 CR125R Elsinore and an '81 CB750F for sale
  7. wolfman1

    Stock Tire?

    I did not like them because I ride alot of sand here in MI, and I was sliding all over the place. I went to the Dunlop 773's with better results, but I know some people swear by Michelin S12's(I think) for sand.
  8. wolfman1

    Contaminated Oil. Help

    Thats what it sounds like. We tried about 20 times to start my sons bike before I started checking stuff out and found water in the oil. There was no damage at all. Get the water out of the pipe, drain the oil, refill and run for about 20 seconds, then drain and repeat as much as necessary. Its a pain in the a$$, but you should not have any problems.
  9. wolfman1

    2 stroke forums?

    I've got a vintage 1979 cr125 elsinore in good running condition that I want to sell, but dont know any 2 stroke forums similar to Thumpertalk so I can list it. Any ideas?
  10. wolfman1

    Contaminated Oil. Help

    My son washed his 'X' and had the same problem. He filled the exhaust with water and it made it into the head. Milky white oil in the crankcase. We changed it 3 or 4 times before it was all gone, but no problems after that. Good luck.
  11. wolfman1

    2007 X ?

    Great job, but where's the overflow bottle?
  12. wolfman1

    40+ older riders out there help me?

    I'm 43, self-employed with a wife and 14 year old son. I just started riding trails in Michigan in June or July(my extreme age makes me forget) when I bought bikes for me and my son. Before that, I had maybe only 5000 street miles on a Honda 750 and a few hours of 1979 CR125 Elsinore experience from several years ago. At first I thought I'd be teaching my 14 year old how to ride, but after a couple times out, it was clear that he was already schooling me. I tried to keep up with him but kept crashing and getting hurt. After a few weeks of battered body and pride, I gave in and accepted that I'm just not gonna learn at his rate or ride at his pace. I'm older, slower, and MUCH heavier than he is. It is amazing though how fast he learns and develops his skills. That to me is as much fun as riding myself. I wish I started riding when I was a teen, but I'm still happier than hell that I started when I did. It doesn't get any better than this, and I dont think I'll ever stop now. I'm lucky that I've never been injured to the extent that I could not work, but was tempted more that once to take a day or two off to recover. What a rush!
  13. wolfman1

    Lack of power from No-Toil filter oil?

    Did you let the filter dry out before applying the oil? Sounds like you put on the oil right after the final water rinse. The filter needs to be completely dry before oiling. And just dab it on and work it in, and then let it air out for at least 15 minutes to let the alcohol carrier evaporate. Longer if possible. You may have over oiled it also. Yes, I let it dry completely before oiling and I wrung it out until it would not drip. I think maybe there was a reaction with the old solvent based oil, but I must have done something wrong. Too many others with positive experiences. No matter, I have given up on cleaning them and will use the disposables from now on. What a time saver! Thanks for the input.
  14. I noticed a big drop in power on my last ride and thought it might be the new tires I put on. I had also just switched to the No-Toil filter oil, but did not consider that this could be the problem. Well, I did everything as per instructions, but when I just now put a new Ready Filter on, the power came right back. I was trying the No-Toil on my stock filter. After I had thoroughly cleaned it with solvent, I let it dry overnight, then cleaned it again with dish soap and water, then rinsed thoroughly before applying the No-Toil. I let it soak through, then wrung it out completely before re-installing. Did I miss a step? Anyway, that too was a pain in the ass so I switched to the disposables. I had heard nothing but good reports about the No-Toil and I'm sure it must work fine for most, but it must have been too restrictive for my bike because now it rocks again! Any ideas what went wrong? Anyone else with similar experience? I'm just glad that now I know what the problem was.
  15. wolfman1

    2005 CRF250X Reliability

    I bought 2 '05 250x's in July. Mine has 300 miles with absolutely no problems. My sons has 250 miles with no problems. I know this isn't much, but we only rode 25-50 miles on trails each weekend. Even though we both have had some pretty good crashes, they hold up great and shine up like new when washed. We have both bent our radiators, but the guards saved them from any real damage. I broke my clutch pedal, but if you saw the crash, you'd be surprised the bike survived at all. Thats about it, I have no regrets.