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  1. top dead center

    Let's see your House

    http://www.outofthedoorways.org/photos/visitors/old-shanties.jpg... thats my house dead center and my beautiful wife is to the right
  2. top dead center

    check out this yacht!

    god thats a boat.. but yeah i would rather have a dirtbike
  3. top dead center

    Honda...what R U Doin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    honda has put in a lot of R&D into its upcomming bike and i do plan on buying one.. but as i can remember honda has changed the material and it elimates the valve problem....
  4. top dead center

    post pics of the KTM250SXF

    the ktm is such a nice lookin bike... i was seriously thinking about getting one but i think for me an 06 honda makes more sense
  5. top dead center

    Holy Diamond Kit!!

    some people are just crazy.. lol.. there is no way i could do that to my bike.. its either i leave my bike the way it is and get a truck or bling and work out my bike and ride the bike to the track...
  6. top dead center

    Core or Upperbody strength....

    yeah you deffinatly need all of the items on the poll to ride good.... but i think the core is pretty important.. if your looking to build up core strength play lacrosse for school, my coach nearly killed us doing core excersizes during preseason
  7. top dead center

    tedesco sighned with husqavarna

    yea... husky dosnt have a team in america and i doubt they will in the future... even though i think they might make a comeback because i saw the first ever husky ad in dirt rider..
  8. top dead center

    Why did you buy Husky?

    i have a 01 husky cr125.. initially i had a yamaha ttr225 that i got for christmas because my parents thought it would be a decent sized bike to start off on and they thought i would be into trail riding... they were wrong. about 4 months after that my dad bought himself a used husky 125... that was about the time i needed more power for the track.. so i kinda took it. lol.. now i race a 05 yamaha yz250.. but, huskys are great bikes and i would recommend them to anyone..
  9. top dead center

    which bike

    hey... i dont think you could go wrong with either especially if you have ridden bikes before... one thing i know is that at where i race (englishtowns raceway park) the 125 c and b class are loaded with kamakazi kids, there are people getting hurt every race and some kids are good enough to race a class... however the 250 c class has about 20 people on the gate every race.. last time i raced there were 11... just thought that would help if you were planning on racing a c class..