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  1. widetrack

    Lowering '95 DR650 ?

    Thanks guys, but in my research so far the '96 model was the start of the 2 position shock mount. I have access to a machine shop and was just wondering if anyone has made their own dog bones. Thanks again, Widetrack
  2. widetrack

    Lowering '95 DR650 ?

    Hi everyone, Last summer I bought a great, low mileage, '95 DR650 that runs great. I would like to lower the seat height maybe 2". Has any one made new dog bones to lower it? Any advice? I can't find any lowering links out there for this year bike. thanks, Widetrack
  3. widetrack

    Last exhaust thread ever.

    Hi guys, Has anyone tried the Laser ProDuro? It looks good and they have one for your bike. I'm looking too and am really thinking about the Laser but have seen no info or comments about it. good luck, Widetrack
  4. widetrack

    Run - The Sport/Tard Squabble

    Great Video! Vey cool!, by they way what tires are you running? Widetrack
  5. widetrack

    Service Manual

    Sounds good to me. I would like buy it from you. Please let me know how you would like to handle the deal. Thanks, Widetrack
  6. widetrack

    New owner needs help! Manual, tires and exhaust

    Thanks Mayner, I check out the rest of site but what I was really looking for is the original Suzuki owners manual not the service manual. I don't even have an owners manual. I have run Avon tires for years on other street bikes so I'll check out the Avons for this bike. thanks, Widetrack
  7. widetrack

    Owner's Manual

    Hi, I just read this note and was wondering if you have a manual for a 1995 DR-650? The guy I bought my bike from lost the owners manual. thanks, Widetrack
  8. Hi folks, I have just purchased a great 1995 DR650 with only 9000 mi. that looks and runs like new. The only problem is the previous owner lost the owners manual and it is no longer available from Suzuki. I couldn't even find one on e-bay. Any leads on how/where to find a manual? I hate not having one for this nice a bike. Is there on that can be downloaded? I would be glad to pay for a copy if possible. Also I would like to replace the trailwings with tires for mostly street use. Any recommendations on tires or an aftermarket muffler? thanks for any help, Widetrack