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  1. 2000dr650

    looking for a Mxrob cab setup

    Title pretty much says it all...getting back into DR's and looking for someone that is willing to part with there set up. Let me kow what you have and what you need for it. Thanks
  2. So, I picked a used DR650 from some dude last month and have spent some effort cleaning it up and fixing all of his or any other PO's rigs and half-ass repairs. The first thing I noticed when I went to take it for a test ride was that it wouldn't get going with out a considerable amount of throttle.. but it did run and idle well. The bike was cheap enough that I just bought it. Got it home and found that the dude omitted the washer and the o-ring when he installed an extended fuel screw. After replacing that and installing a jet kit all seemed well, actually really well. It pulls well through all the gear and idles perfectly. BUT THEN all of a sudden the bike looses power and starts bucking under throttle like its not getting a good spark. its been doing this sporadically since I got the bike and even before I installed the jet kit. Any thought would be appreciated before I start throwing money at this I've attached a video below. https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=FkeK87K7q4s
  3. I cant deal with the noise coming form this pipe any longer, I even tried repacking it with some high quality FMF stuff and it did help but I must be getting old and cant take the BARK anymore.. Anyone interested in a trade for their hopefully quieter GSXR pipe and mid..for mine.. its in great shape and probably has a year of use
  4. Im just bored with it and looking to get something else.. been eyballing a KTM superduke. My DR has absolutly EVERTHING you can think of..and around 7k in mods.. make me and offer if you like it. 780 big bore kit big valve ported head stage 2 cam ricor rear shock intinators front forks corbin seat lsl bars fcr39 excel 17" rims avon tires HID head light new battery stainless galfer brake line galfer wave rotor front Custom fabbed mount for the givi box dr250 tail light procircuit T4 exhaust oversized Stainless header just 6500 total miles and 500 miles since rebuild
  5. 2000dr650

    For Sale: SuMo Wheels/Tires for DR 650

    Yup.. he is .. they're on my bike.
  6. 2000dr650

    Cam noise too Loud? Video of it running

    Im riding in 20s-40s all the time..those things keep the air off my hands.. so this thing pulls like a truck.First thing I need to do is change the gearing, 1st gear is useless and also the big flat corbin is a problem now since I just slide back and cant really hold on to the bike.. Overall I love it..
  7. 2000dr650

    Cam noise too Loud? Video of it running

    Oh Shit.. no i jsut used the stock specs.. could you tell me what they are... I was just a little nervous with all this clackity-clack..thanks Mxrob..Also, Im using the same jetting setup that procycle sells, I believe its a kit of your desigin..would you change anything?
  8. 2000dr650

    Cam noise too Loud? Video of it running

    Just installed #223 cam with my 780+oversized valve head and its louder then with the stock cam just wondering if its too loud. Heres a video . Tell me what u think. thanks for any input http://s16.photobucket.com/albums/b23/2000dr650/2006dr650/?action=view&current=P1010807-1.mp4 http://s16.photobucket.com/albums/b23/2000dr650/2006dr650/?action=view&current=P1010806-1.mp4
  9. 2000dr650

    Riding the DR 780 for a couple of weeks and..

    I actually got a ticket yesterday for passing a slower vehicle on the inside lane.. Thanks a lot ProCycle
  10. I LOVE IT..!!! After riding this beast through the streets of NYC for a while I’ve gotten used to the power and it’s really fun to ride. The torque is unbelievable and comes one right off idle.. Now that the motor is a little more broken in I feel I can really pound on it without breaking anything... It will easily wheelie in 2nd with just rolling on the throttle, no jerking the bars or snapping just at the right RPM.. just open it up for skyward views... It pulls hard right up to redline without any hesitation and is still really "punchy" in 3rd and 4th gear.. Maybe this weekend Ill install the #190 cam and see what difference that makes, but for the time being I’m content... I’m just saying that if anyone is considering doing this mod and on the fence just pull the trigger, the insane torque alone is worth the xtra $$.. List of add ons ; 780bigbore,ported head with oversized valves, Procycles #190 stage 2 cam(not installed yet),FCR39 pumper, oversized header and T4 pipe,
  11. 2000dr650

    cheapest rims to lace on my hubs

    its best to stick to the same model of wheels.. the angles of the spokes do differ.. that being said just grab acouple of rear wheels and lace ur front hub to rear dr650 rim for the supermoto effect
  12. 2000dr650

    DR650(780) some problems

    I was told that you can re torque the copper gasket
  13. Hey man.. sounds like a plan.. if this weather holds out we may be able to take a ride once you get it together. Also, hit me up if you have any questions.. I leaned a lot from the mistakes i made.
  14. 2000dr650

    DR650(780) some problems

    and ur head has a bigger radius then the base gasket? what ur describing sounds like the stock base gasket..maybe the copper one costs less money?? no idea.. thats some things you should ask procycle.. if it were me I'd be really curious.