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  1. thedude05

    Help w/ brake light switch

    Weird huh? The switches turned out to work just fine. Using a wd-40 straw I pressed the button on the inside of the bolt, and It works fine. Everything worked when I first installed it, then for some reason it didn't. So I know its not a wiring problem. Ugh...
  2. thedude05

    Help w/ brake light switch

    Ok, So I have a 2005 250X, I have it arizona street legaled, and since day one I have had problems with the brake light switch. I have put three of the on now, and not gotten the last two to work. The first one worked for a while and then stopped. Just tonight I put a brand new one in and bled for about 40min. I'm not sure if I still have air trapped in the switch or what. Anyone have any input or suggestions?
  3. thedude05

    Operating Temperatures

    I have the vapor also... I can't remember what mine is set at. But I would set the low warning at like 190, and the high at like 215. and yeah that's normal
  4. thedude05

    taillight fiasco

    ok well i guess thats my problem
  5. thedude05

    taillight fiasco

    So without figuring out your previous post, lol, did this gray wire leading to the ICM have a ground when NOT RUNNING? You said idle up had a ground. Did it have one when off?
  6. thedude05

    taillight fiasco

    I'm not sure the wires of all going to the relay. SHOVLE65, if you could check if the GRAY wire coming from the ICM has a ground that would help a lot! It comes from the ICM and plugs in right where the taillight plugs in. When I disconnect that wire the taillight goes out. Also, the wire has a constant ground, running or not. I believe (But have no way of checking) that it is only supposed to be grounded when running and it trips the relay to turn on the light. And no the switch is not plugged in. I'm thinking this may all be because of a previous owner. He said the battery had been dead for quite a while. He may have even taken it out I'm not sure. But I think that's why my taillight and relay were bad. And maybe that portion of the ICM???
  7. thedude05

    taillight fiasco

    So I tested another main relay. No difference. I removed the starter relay, the taillight shut off but didn't turn back on w/ the bike running. Also, the gray wire coming from the ICM has a constant ground, running or not. Is this the problem?
  8. thedude05

    taillight fiasco

    I replaced the 'main relay', underneath left side panel, right underneath the overflow bottle. Is there any other relay that controls the taillight?
  9. thedude05

    taillight fiasco

    So i bought my 2005 250x about 6 months ago, and being busy I only get to add stuff here and there. Well, when I bought it the taillight was burned out. So i purchased the DRC brakelight upgrade. It didn't work. I replaced the main relay today, and the brake light now works, but it won't go off now. Even with the bike shut off the light remains powered. Any ideas?
  10. thedude05

    Crap on my valves an piston.

    Any methods to cleaning valves w/o disassembling the top end? Or do I just have to tear it down?
  11. thedude05

    YZ/DRZ400S to a CRF250X?

    I don't think that's going to happen. I had my old CR125 sitting next to my sister's XR250 for a couple of month with no such luck. So I have to go buy A 250X now.
  12. thedude05

    Shock help?

    I'm in the process of fixing up a 2001 CR125 I bought in a basket case, and I finally got the chasis all together and I was messing around with the suspension and the clickers on the shock don't seem to do anything. It feels like there's no compression dampening, like it's all spring. This mean it needs to be rebuilt?
  13. thedude05

    Yellow Clarke Tank...UGH!

    I've heard that steel wool and bar keeper's friend works wonders along with some elbow grease of course. I have never tried it myself but it would be worth a shot...
  14. thedude05

    Win Free Tickets To Maxxis Endurocross 2007!

    62%... not too bad....
  15. thedude05

    Damper rod tool?

    I have a 2001 cr125 that needs new fork seals so I odered the Motion Pro Dmaper Rod Fork Tool #15-8117 seen here: http://shop.thumpertalk.com/catalogs/Tucker_Rocky_Offroad_2006/default.asp?p=924 The problem is, it doesn't seem to be the right size. Has anyone used this tool for these forks?