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  1. yz250fkid

    clutch help please

    my clutch was broke, you could pull the lever and no tension at all even after i tried adjusting the cable a still nothin so i took off the cover to have a look and the plates came off with the cover is this suppose to happen and how do i get the plates off the cover then i came to realize two off the fingers on the basket broke off and were flyin around in the gears. Luckily nothin was broken except the basket does anyone know why the basket may have broken and should i replace just the basket or the whole clutch any help is much appreciated
  2. yz250fkid

    crf 100 question

    lol no thats rite because i had an 02 xr100 in good condition and sold it for $800 and now i got a yz125 and love it
  3. yz250fkid

    crf 100 question

    my cousin has a 04 CRF100 that is bone stock and it hasnt been serviced in a year. Its pretty much ragged out from wrecking and bad care. Is he insane for wanting to sell it for $1900
  4. yz250fkid

    is this bore race legal

    can i race my yz 125 if its bored 80 over
  5. yz250fkid

    clutch cover leak

    i read about this on one thread but couldn't find it again, one of the bolts on my clutch cover is stripped therefore it leaks, any solutions, i went to look for one to buy(OEM) but i couldn't find just the cover i had to the whole assy. its a 02 yz125
  6. yz250fkid

    graphics help

    im lookin for the baddest graphics for my 02 yz125 and was wandering if any of yall have any companys in mind. I saw this body kit once that was lik a skelleton all the way down the bike but forgot the brand. so anything will help thanks
  7. yz250fkid

    2 stroke question

    jus for refrence how much do you normally spend in one month on maintenance and service on your two stroke(mine a yz125) and do you have to change the top end every ten hours or can u go longer without compromising engine life
  8. yz250fkid

    yz125 decision

    i know all this for a fact because it was worked on by my friend that owns a shop and he told me about it so 1500 would be a good or bad deal
  9. yz250fkid

    yz125 decision

    how much would yall pay for a 02 yz 125 bored 80 over, powerbands in all gears, aftermarket pipe, bars, pegs, guards, etc. the motor was just rebuilt completly top to bottom.
  10. yz250fkid

    dirtbike sizing

    my cousin is 5'3" and weighs 123lbs. he wants a race bike but cant decide wether to get a 125 or 85, any comments will be appreciated
  11. yz250fkid

    YZ 125 checklist

    thanx a million
  12. yz250fkid

    YZ 125 checklist

    hey, im buying a yz125 and ive never owned a two stroke so can some of yall tell me some things i need to check and do regularly. Because i have no clue wut to do. Any tips will be much appreciated thanx
  13. yz250fkid

    another xr conversion

    Ive read em all but tell if this is a good idea to get my 2002 xr 100 race ready engine wise-124cc takegawa bore kit, inner rotor ignition,billet oil cooler, suspension- I'm thinkin cr85 forks with a bbr triple clamp, cr85 front wheel with disk brake, bbr heavy duty rear shock spring, bbr aluminum swingarm cr85 rear wheel with disk brake please inform me on any dos or dint and more tips on how to get it ready for the track thanx
  14. yz250fkid

    xr 100 frame

    wut about a venom 200cc motor and if it wont fit what do u have to do to make it fit
  15. would it be smarter to buy a 115 superhead big bore kit or a venom 200cc motor. I also am going to get heavy duty srings for forks and shock what other parts should i get to make the 200cc faster. Someone answer me with some answers that will help me out