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  1. 24phun

    690 oil change - headache?

    Allright! Glad to hear all's well! I've decided to wait for an SMC. Enjoy The Duke!!
  2. 24phun

    690 oil change - headache?

    Okay, you confirmed my concerns about the oil change. I downloaded the manual before I asked (available on the KTM website model page), just to be sure my eyes weren't deceiving me when I looked at the bike last weekend. Now you've opened up a whole other can of worms - SURGING? I've had two BMWs that could not be ridden at steady throttle, they surged so bad! Tried all different fixes - nothing worked except selling them! All large singles surge "a bit", how bad is the surging w/your Duke?
  3. 24phun

    690 oil change - headache?

    So the '07 doesn't pour dirty oil onto the pipe? How about the filters? Don't they cover the cases when you change them?
  4. So, I'm thinking of moving up from my DRZ -SM. I went and looked at the 690 SM (2007) and new Duke at a dealer (test rode the SM). Looking at the Duke, it looks like you either drop the exhaust or cover it with dirty oil when you open the drain plug. Of course the 2 filters look like they'll cover the sides quite nicely also. The SMC (which is the model I would like, along with everyone else!) looks as if the exhaust blocks one of the filters, thus requiring you to drop the exhaust to change the filter. Please tell me this ain't so! The dealer remarked "just let us do it!" Also, I'm reading lots of talk over here about big engine rebuilds by 8,000 miles. Am I off track, or am I looking at a bike that's a PIA to own? I've already been there, done that with Ducatis, and don't really want to go back down that road!
  5. 24phun

    rubbers and bends

    OK, looking to change the bars on my 05SM. Do I want/need rubber mounted bar mounts? Are the originals solid? I'm a smaalll guy - 5'6" - any one willing to make a bar/bend opinion - on which ones might work best? I know, it's like asking boxers/briefs - it's what feels good, but come on, if you've tried a bunch, please give me a suggestion!
  6. 24phun

    Led problem, yes I searched

    I just put on a set of Shock racing #3. the proper resistor was a 10 ohm, 10 watt wirewound resistor. radio shack part #271-132 wired in parallel. this is what Shock Racing recommended, I got a resistor on either side (meaning plus and minus) and these were the ones that worked properly.
  7. 24phun

    Drz Deer Moto Attack

    Deer are stupid and fast. Cows are just stupid. I don't think deer see very well - I've had some VERY close calls while hiking (a deer charged right down the trail at me, I ducked behind a tree at the last 1/2 second, and it was only then that it changed course) and mountain biking. A good friend of mine was knocked unconcious when he was blind sided by a deer, on a freeway exit ramp, IN THE CITY. You need deer whistles on your bike!! Three, at least.
  8. 24phun

    Rear rack for DRZ400

    I've got a Happy Trails, check out happy-trails.com. Very nicely made, perfect fit, size/shape work very well. Downside: they make them to order, so it takes a few weeks. Check out their side bag options for serious carrying capacity!
  9. 24phun

    Kisan signalminder?

    I know that I would have to reset the switch - I only want that feature as a backup - when one of those senior minutes (or 5 ) happens. But it's the running lites I'm really after. So, will LEDs work on a dimming circuit? The signal minder has 4 different light output settings.
  10. 24phun

    Kisan signalminder?

    Anyone use one of these on a DRZ? It's an easy way to add running lites to my SM. Does anyone know if this running lite set up would work with LED turn signals?