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  1. Snorkels were already removed, I can reach in and feel nothing but the choke plate. I still have the backfire screen and stock air filter. I Drilled a bunch of holes in the side plate. It seemed to help the hesitation quite a bit. Still have no idea if I'm even close on the jetting the fuel screw does nothing unless all the way in (kills the motor). Which makes me think my pilot jet is to rich. or maybe I should go back to stock needle.
  2. jwk1977

    2000 drz400e

    I had an 04 DRZ-400S and could never get enough power out of it to make me happy. I've never ridden the E but heard they are much faster, due to the higher compression, fcr pumper carb vs the CV carb on the S, lighter weight, better suspension on the 2000 year model anyway (I think they upgraded the suspension on the S in 2003 or something). I believe all the DRZ-400 models have the CV carb now which makes throttle response much slower. Seems like a lot of money for a 2000, but you are in Canada, (Not sure what that translates to) I wouldn't pay more than $2200 USD for a 2000 unless it was in really good condition.
  3. I know this has been covered on here before but I figured I'd ask anyway. 01 XR650r fully uncorked, FMF power core 4 slip on, stock air filter (no holes drilled) current jetting 162 main 62 pilot B53E needle position 2 (got these setting from www.xr650r.us) 8000 ft. about 70 degrees Bike starts and idles great (don't need choke) Runs pretty well also, though it seems like it should have more power and it hesitates a little too much (where I feel it should pull right through) when I'm in too high of a gear. It also pops a lot on decel (maybe an exhaust leak) I didn't notice to much of a difference when re-jetted from a 170 main 68 pilot and stock needle position 3. Am I anywhere in the ballpark or is the XR650r site off. Thanks, Jason
  4. jwk1977

    Muzzy exhaust ?

    Will the Muzzy exhaust fit on an S model ?
  5. I live in Denver and my bike now runs great in town thanks to Burned. I took it up to Empire,CO not sure of altitude probably 10,000 plus. My bike ran pretty well up there too (no problems when holding at any RPM). But when I gun it gurgles for a second or two and then rips. Is this just a compromise I have to live with, or should I try something else to get her dialed in closer? I'm thinking maybe one MJ size smaller, but not sure. 2003 DR-Z400S DJ Kit 3rd needle clip 136 MJ stock 22.5 pilot 2 3/4 turns fuel screw 3.5"x3.5" air box mod 8 1/2" holes in air box cover no-toil filter 2" tip on stock exhaust
  6. That seemed to help. just went for a quick test drive, didn't notice the hesitation, or the fan on. Thanks.
  7. I jetted my bike per your recommendations and it defiantly runs better than before but recently It has been hesitating at 3/4 to full throttle and it pops a little on decel and seems to be running a little hot (fan is always on when I hit kill switch) think it still might be a little lean. here are my current mods 2003 DR-Z400S 3.5x3.5 air box mod (got crazy with tin snips) 8 1/2" holes in air box cover stock air filter (need to replace immediately) DJ kit 130 Main jet 3rd needle clip stock 22.5 pilot 47 tooth rear sprocket billet aluminum end cap 1 7/8" I live in Denver and ride to the mountains usually so I would like to tune for 7000 ft and about 85 degrees as a good compromise.
  8. jwk1977

    aftermarket exhaust performance?

    Thanks guys, maybe I'll buy a yosh when I can afford it. but first I think I need armor, tires and springs, I weight 230. any cheaper mods or exhaust system I should do first? how hard are springs to install? do I need special tools?
  9. will an after market exhaust make a big difference on an 03 S? I am currently running stock with an aftermarket 2" tip. 3x3 mod dj kit.
  10. Burned, I did exactly what you said and my bike runs much better, doesn't bog as much at lower RPM's, and just all around more pep. You shure know your s**t. Thanks for the advise! Jason
  11. I am new to this and don't have a whole lot of mechanical experience. I live in Denver and ride at elevations 5000 ft and up. I have a 2003 DR-Z400S. I did the 3x3 air box mod (actually ended up more like 3.5x3.5) and drilled out the restrictor at the end of the exhaust, also there are a bunch of 1/2 holes drilled in the plastic air box cover. So I guess I need to re jet now. I was thinking of buying the dynojet kit. What jetting should I use? I read somewhere to use 140 main and 25 pilot. Is Installing this kit very difficult? Also how difficult is installing an E model base gasket and intake cam? and are they worth the $$ Thanks in advance