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  1. retrorider

    New (to me) CRF450X - What do I need to know?

    The bike looks great and as if you are getting it dialed in. Just courteous, do you fly for Delta?
  2. retrorider

    Hot start lever vs. choke

    I have a ‘08 450X. It will not start when hot by using the hot start lever. However, it will hot start easliy by using the choke. Once it starts l immediately shut the choke off. It will then idle and accelerate without problem. Any ideas on what’s up with that?
  3. retrorider

    Dirt bike hold down for truck

    For the sake clarification, 17neated, the Electrical Channel that I believe Wes513v is referring to is stuff you have probably seen on the interior (or exterior) of commercial warehouseused buildings like HomeDepot and Lowe's. The channel is used to hold metal conduit in position against the walls as it is run throughout the building. The "Blind nut" he is referring to is just a piece of steel that slides into the channel and has a threaded hole in it that a bracket and bolt would be threaed into to secure the conduit to the channel. But he went one step further to use an "eye-bolt" instead of a hex-head bolt to thread into the Blind-nut to use for tie-down points. I have not used it in this application as a motorcycle tie-down, but it looks like it would work pretty well. I know I have been rather basic in my explanation here and mean no disrespect to anyone who may see the obvious but is sounded like 17neated could use a little more explaination on it. While the Electrical Channel things seems like an easy project, unless you just have nothing else to do or just like this projects, for $100, I'd just buy one.
  4. retrorider

    500 EXCF, The best bike ever, that lies to me.

    That's quite presence of mind to press the horn button just before you crash. One must keep their wits about them.
  5. retrorider

    dont alter your 17 500exc ?

    To respond to Airboss/oc's original statement, I think it's a crime in two ways: 1) Of course the obvious, a crime to alter the emissions control devices. 2) But it's also a crime to allow a machine like a 500exc to choke and strangle and sub-perform for a lifetime. DB, like all the other motorcycle (review) publications, know what side their bread is buttered on. They may lightly critique a bike but they will not say anything to jepordize manufacturers advertising dollars. Saying a manufcturer has strangled their bike into legislative submission is not conducive to unit sales. Manufacturer and advertising dollars will always drive any publication. That is the biggest crime. CARB didn't Bitch Slapped DB, their own editors and allegiance to the "bottom line" did that.
  6. retrorider

    Street legal dirt bike?

    Krannie, I really appreciate the sarcasm. Fact is I tried to search the subject but wasn't coming up with what I was looking for and out of frustration, made the post.
  7. I have a new to me '14 Can-Am maverick Max and live in SoCal. Been dirt biking for many years but this UTV thing is new to me. I envision the Can-Am sitting throughout the summer with little, if any use. In the forum's collective experience, what/how should I prep the Maverick for the off-season? Thx
  8. retrorider

    Street legal dirt bike?

    Can you take a dirt bike and make it street legal (registered for street) in California anymore?
  9. retrorider

    Larger radiators vs. radiator fan

    I'd like to keep my '08 450x a little cooler. What are your collective thoughts/experiences with installing larger radiators vs. installing an electric fan?