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  1. tree dodger

    Dual sporting Mt. Shasta area

    I am going to be in Northern California June 6-8 and was wondering if anybody could recommend a good place to camp and dual sport along the I-5 corridor. I will be riding a XR650L, so im more interested in scenic rather than technical riding. Im driving up from Mt. View on June 5, and would like to ride two or three days before heading home to Portland. If anybody would like to hook up for a ride and show me around, that would be cool as i couldnt talk any of my riding buddies into going on a road trip. Thanks, Adam.
  2. tree dodger

    Should I buy 2002 XR650L for $3,500

    I just picked up a 2003 with 8k miles for 3 grand. Bone stock except for an aluminum rack on the rear fender. I think I got a good deal.
  3. tree dodger

    ORV tag help

    Get the Oregon tag, its 10.50 for two years. Its not a crime to ride somebody elses bike. If leo hassles you, tell them you borrowed it from a buddy in Oregon. I dont know how it is in other states, but unless your doing something stupid all they care about is a current tag and sparkarrestor. Oh yah also the stupid ATV safety card.
  4. tree dodger

    Husqvarnas at Skagit Powersports

    Come on Blake we all know that Huskies are better than any KTM out there.
  5. tree dodger

    Oregon riding in early March

    Make sure you have a current OHV from any state, a spark arrestor, and play dumb if anyone asks you about the ATV safety card. Your from another state, how are you supposed to know about the card. I've been riding almost 40 years, and the only reason i got it was because it saved me a few bucks on my bike insurance. The savings wasnt even worth the time it took me online to get the card. Its mostly quadtard questions anyway.
  6. Rolliew, Ride, and myself rode Jordan Creek today. About the same amount of snow as last weekend. Pretty much anything above 800 feet or so is still covered in snow. The snow is wetter than Sunday so it seems like its trying to melt. Went up Jordan Creek trail and couldnt make it to Archers. Went up Rogers road and made it almost to the top. Whats crazy is the difference in temps. At the truck it was 34 degrees. At the highest point we got to it was almost 60 degrees. I guess thats the air inversion the weather man was talking about last night. Lots of downed trees and branches so carry a hand saw if you can. I forgot mine at the house but we cleared what we could. As soon as some more of the snow melts, I am planning on going up during the week with my chainsaw and taking care of some of the downed trees. If anybody wants to join me, let me know.
  7. tree dodger

    new 2012 txc310 ?

    Husky's used to come with a combo wrench that fits the nut for the back wheel. The other end of the wrench is a 15mm. Motosportz.com makes a cool nut for the front that the combo wrench fits. With this setup you can carry one wrench that works front and back. Get the wrench from Husky and the nut from Kelly at Motosportz.com and your good to go.
  8. tree dodger

    first Husqvarna... where can I get parts?

    Bill's Husky in Salem, Oregon is a great dealer and very knowledgeable about what they sell. Besides new parts, I beleive they have a source for used part as well.
  9. Why do you guys bother taking the tailgate off at all? I have a full size Chevy short bed and when I haul two bikes and my trailer I use a old pair of tiedowns to hold the tailgate up against the rear tires of the bikes. Works great and theres no clearence issues with the trailer.
  10. tree dodger

    TE 310 stock computer stock at 99:30 hours

    After I read this post I went and checked my hours and its the same. 99:30 hours. &%$#@!.
  11. That was the best ride i have had in a long time. Next time we party like that i will make sure to bring more than one beer.
  12. tree dodger


    I think Motosportz.com has a skid plate for the TXC. If you dont see it on their website, give them a call.
  13. tree dodger

    Need someone to ride with at Diamond Mill (or nearby)

    The trails in the TSF are signed for their intened use. These include hiking, bikes, quadtards, & 4WD. I have never seen one that shows a hunter with a gun. If you hunt and are ignorant enough to think that bikes scare the deer and elk, maybe you should take up another hobby. Better yet, hunt where we cant ride. That way if you dont kill anything, you got nobody to blame but yourself. Like Blake said, f@#% em, lets ride.
  14. tree dodger

    Another Husky in the garage

    On Saturday I pulled the pin on a new 2011 TE-310. This is the third new Husky I have bought from Bill's Husky in Salem Oregon. As always a great deal and excellent customer service. Put about seventy miles on it yesterday and it rips. Running the 50 tooth rear and power up kit with the cat removed from the exhaust. Mid range and top end power is really good and the motor runs well. There is a little stumble or surging off idle. I am going to get the JD fuel tuner which I hope will take care of that. My 07 WR-250 has about 6500 miles on it and needs a little love. I plan on getting it back in top shape, but after riding the TE, I don't know how much it is going to get ridden. I am going to mess around with the gearing and see if I can make it work a little better on the street. 13/50 is fine for off-road but kinda sucks on the pavement. My plan is to replace my Vstrom 650 and ATK 605 with the TE. obviously I wont be doing nearly as much street riding as I did with my Vstrom, but that was part of the plan. As for the ATK, the TE is almost as good on the street and a 100 times better off-road.
  15. tree dodger

    Sigma Sport comp setting ?'s

    The manual does not say how to switch from kmh to mph but i have done it before, just not sure how. try putting it in the dst mode and than start pushing buttons. I know there is a way to do it. 2223 is for kmh and 1346 is for mph. Have you tried a internet search for sigma? If they have a website, you might find instructions there.