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  1. Hey guys I have a friend who said he would trade me straight off. He will trade me My 1999 Xr 100 for his 1986 Cr 80. i think his was just recently rebuilt but not sure. Should i do this deal? How much are both the bikes worth? They are both in Medium condition! well thanks for any and all help! pyroman
  2. pyromanfire

    '99 xr100 baffles

    Hey thanks guys that was wexactly what i needed!! Does knocking out the baffles get you anymore power at all?
  3. pyromanfire

    '99 xr100 baffles

    Hey guys i was thinking about taking the baffles out of my 99 xr 100. does anyone know how i can do this? how much extra power will it give me? how much louder will it make it? Also i think i need to tighten my camchain. does anyone know how i can do this? Thanks alot for any help!
  4. pyromanfire

    Help 99 xr 100 specifications

    Okay ithink a power core 4 works on this bike. if i put it on the bike how much extra horsepower, speed, would i get?
  5. pyromanfire

    Help please- 99 xr100 rear wheel assembly?

    ok thanks i figured it right after i posted this
  6. Help i got every thing apart fine and i am putting the wheel back on(i had to check my brakes) and i cant figure out where the actual brake part goes(the one that you can pull out)? Is it in line with the frame? Above the swingarm when you look at it from the side or below? (i know this isn't the same year but it is exactly the same) http://www.bikepics.com/pictures/181556/ HELP QUICKLY BEFORE IT GETS DARK!! thank you
  7. pyromanfire

    Help 99 xr 100 specifications

    how much does a big bore kit costa or a brand new oversized cylinder cost?
  8. pyromanfire

    Help 99 xr 100 specifications

    anyone know any cheap mods i could do to make it faster and more powerful? i think the baffles are already out i need new brakes help anyone?
  9. pyromanfire

    Help 99 xr 100 specifications

    Ok here is another question. What type of FMF exhaust could i put on this bike to get it more powerful?
  10. pyromanfire

    Help 99 xr 100 specifications

    hey thanks
  11. pyromanfire

    Help 99 xr 100 specifications

    how much fuel does it hold?
  12. pyromanfire

    Help 99 xr 100 specifications

    Hello anyone? Noone has a 1999 honda xr 100 that can help me?
  13. pyromanfire

    Help 99 xr 100 specifications

    Hey I just bought a 1999 honda xr 100! Finally got a bike. Any ways, i was wondering what were the specifications of the bike. like what type of oil should i use and how much? Anybody actually know the weight of this bike? Oh well thanks for the help Pyroman
  14. Huy guys I have a few questions about bike parts that i would like to know. I am kind anew to motor biking and have heard of some parts that i dont know what they are, nor what they do. First of all..... What are baffles and what do they do? If you remove them what happens? And how does getting a new muffler increase your horsepower? is a cam chain? I have a bike that needs that my friends say the cam chain needs adjusting. What is it? May seem a bit lame that i am asking these questions but any help would be appreciated. Please other people add there parts questions so i can get to know them all better. Thanks Pyroman
  15. pyromanfire

    1999 honda Xr 100 pricing?