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    Chinese Pitbikes, first post.

    i don't have that much money, i am on a VERY tight budget. and it will take me until like... Christmas to get the money together for the bike, AND shipping... about $1200 altogether. shipping all the way to guam is a BITCH. about $600.
  2. MotorCityMadman

    Chinese Pitbikes, first post.

    hey, everyone, i am new to the forums. anyways, i am also new to the whole Pitbike craze, not new to riding, but new to the pitbike craze. i have been riding ATV's and Dirtbikes all my life. but the problem is, the place that i ride, is in the states, in the summer, when i visit my family, (i live with my aunt and uncle on Guam... long story.), and after 4 years of ONLY riding in the summer... my skills have gone down, and i miss it terribly. so right now i am looking into buying a pitbike, the ones i am looking at are cheap, not cheap as in crappy, but price-wise. i have friends who have them, and they are quite nice. here are some that i am looking at, i thought you guys might like to see the cheaper, Chinese counterpart to the awesome pitbike craze. http://www.buyscooteronline.com/dirt-bike-801178.html - this one is a pretty good deal for the price. it is manual clutch, front/rear disk brakes, 110cc, and some pretty good suspension (it actually comes with inverse forks.) http://www.hui-hong-china.com/eBusiness/EN/product_detail.asp?catalogid=6&productid=316 - this one is SUPERB... VERY nice aluminum chassis, like the ones on the Honda CRF450R. inverse front forks, 4 speed tranny w/ manual clutch, and front and rear disk brakes. my friend has one, and it runs like a SONOFABITCH. http://www.hui-hong-china.com/eBusiness/EN/product_detail.asp?catalogid=6&productid=322 - this one is VERY nice too, VERY light aluminum Chassis, performance inverse front forks, front/rear disk brakes (like the others...), but this one is supposed to be a ready-to-run supermoto pitbike (but where's the tires?), haha, it looks like it's pretty good, also, i have a friend that owns one, it is a knockoff of the Thumpstar pitbikes, but it holds it's own. haha, Chinese dude not included. http://fastvehicle.com/product/photo/200551686366340.jpg in this pic, you can see the awesome chassis better.