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  1. MacinKampuchea

    What XR to buy next?

    I have owned and operated both a XR250 and a XR400. My current ride is a highly modified 1998 XR400r. Depending on what kind of riding you like to do and your skill level, the XR250 is a bulletproof trail beast. The power is there when you need it but will never surprise you. For a guy that facilitates a lot of tours here in Asia, older XR's are the dominate ride for customers. Some may complain of weight, but when I hop off my 400 on to the 250 it feels so light and just..fun. If your riding areas are more open or if you enjoy re landscaping your trails(with lots of throttle:P) I'd go for the 400. Same bulletproof motor but a lot more torque for lofting the front wheel and pulling up hills. Either bike, you'll have a blast. Note- the earliest XR400 you can get is a 1996 model and I would suggest trying to get a 98 or up because the 96-97s had some issues that didnt get resolved until the 98.
  2. MacinKampuchea

    IMS tanks XR 400 or XR400R

    I run a black Acerbis tank on mine and i think it's a 3.8 gallon capacity. My dad has gone almost 200 miles on one tank with it.. I've never had a complaint and personally I think it looks better than the Clark..its more narrow..
  3. MacinKampuchea

    KTM 360 MXC vs. XR400R

    When you talk about maintainence, does the KTM goe through a lot of parts often? I live in Cambodia and even getting stuff for the bulletproof(and that it is) is hard sometimes. Like spark plugs, throttle cables, etc. And what about gas? is it picky what oil and fuel you put into it?
  4. MacinKampuchea

    KTM 360 MXC vs. XR400R

    but would it be worth the switch? I used to ride a CRM250AR and miss the quickness and nimbleness but I really like my XR. I'm moving in 8 months so I would be parting with it either way..the 360 looks like a fun thing to fly around on until then.. wheeabouts do you go riding around Fresno? Like Yosemite area?
  5. MacinKampuchea

    KTM 360 MXC vs. XR400R

    I have ridden a 98 XR400R for two years now and have been offered a 97 KTM 360 MXC to trade(sell the XR and buy the Katoom). I have no experience with this bike and am wanting some feedback before I buy it. I have tested it out on the street and yah it's fast but I'm wondering in the long run how much of an advantage it has over my XR. I ride tight trails, hard enduro, cross country, and a little MX but that's kinda limited with my big XR. What about maintenance? I really like my XR and can ride it really fast but this seems like a fun bike too... Any feedback would be sweet..
  6. MacinKampuchea

    riding with your son....

    yeah I can honestly say that dirt bikes has kept my dad and I's relationship healthy. It seems like when I just can't stand him we go out and roost each other for an afternoon and everything melts away..