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    Unabiker Rad Guards

    I ordered a set for my XR650R fitted with Fluidyne radiators. Brian at Unabiker Racing thought that they would work with the Fluidynes. When I fit them up they were too short on the sides. I made templates, attached them to the existing guards, and sent them back to Unabiker. Brian manufactured a new set based on these templates and my recommendations. They fit perfectly, but still require a bit of patience and a long ball-end allen wrench to install. The guards are extremely sturdy and provide excellent front and side protection. I have not encountered any cooling problems either. Brian at Unabiker provided an excellent product and outstanding customer service! I highly recommend buying a set for your XR.
  2. Y2KBRP

    baja designs regulator/rectifier

    Floating the ground on a DC system means that all ground wires are attached to a continuous circuit (wire) that leads only to the negative terminal of the battery. No ground leads within the system are attached to the frame. I rebuilt the electrical system on my XR650R initially to provide regulated, steady state, filtered (battery) DC power for an Acewell 3700 computer. Since I rewound the stator with only a single output, I decided to run all electrical accessories on switched DC power (55/60W headlight, LED tail/brake light, horn, and computer). Dan Regalia from Baja Designs recommended not trying to use the AC power before the regulator (to power the headlight, etc.) as this would all but cancel out the DC power from the regulator. I went with his recommendation. Guess it all depends on how you want to set up the electrical system on your bike for your specific needs. With this setup, the headlight provides full brightness from idle on up and will stay on without the motor running if needed. More information on AC to DC conversion can be obtained from the Trail Tech website (From AC to DC - Key Concepts). Once again, this is only how I chose to set up my system ... I'm not saying that it's the best, but it works for me.
  3. Y2KBRP

    baja designs regulator/rectifier

    I have the Baja Designs regulator/rectifier (with 5 wires) on my XR650R. There should be a schematic diagram printed on the side of the housing. The blue wire goes to the negative side of the battery. The black wire goes to negative side of the load (floated ground on my XR).