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  1. haaa thats kewl!
  2. sweet thanx guys
  3. hey guys!. whad up!? it is gettin down to that time to get new tires(or at least the back). What tire would you guys think is a good tire-last long, good wear? I am usually on medium to soft terain. motocross tracks. thanx _______________ crf 250-tons
  4. ok thanx guys.
  5. hey guys. whad up!? well i have a renthal sprocket and a renthal gold chain and they are gettin pretty warn down. they didnt really last long and i was wondering what would be a good set up to get, either sprocket's/chain combo or seperatly!?? thanx _________________ crf 250r- tons
  6. im 15 and about 5'5 and around 110 or 115 pounds. i cut the seat down abput an inch. works great.
  7. hey man. nice lookin bike. i got a crf 250. livin in colorado!!
  8. well i have a 04 crf 250. i am almost 16. i got it and was stepin up from an rm 85. it works awsome. i love it. my dad has a 04 crf 450 and he said it was nt as fun to ride as my 250 was, so he went out and got another crf 250. the only thing thats been bad on mine was the valves. we replaced em around 10- 15 rides ago and its been starting like brand new. i love it!
  9. ya im 15 almost 16 and my sister started liking a man" that is 22 she is 17. it was weird. my mom and dad didnt acept it but my sister still met up eith this loser". finally when he droped my sister off one day my dad went and told him he cant see my daughter anymore. my sister was really sad. my mom tryed every thing to make her feel better. nothin worked, only time.
  10. well my friend races in the B class of the 125's and he says he can run mid pack and i blow him away. so i am probly going to do intermediate. it is through s.r.a.c.
  11. hey whad up. anyone racing the race at thunder valley this weekend..? For the mens 125 class i was thinkin of coming and doing a one time race but what color #plate backgrounds would i have to get.
  12. hey guys. i was wondering what the difference there is in a stock piston on a crf 250 and a high performance piston?? thanx
  13. ya i saw it also... were u at thunder valley. i thought it looked sweet. not loud at all.
  14. no i havent ever plugged them. Bikes runs fine the next weekend.
  15. it is valves. that happined to my 04 crf 250 also.