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  1. 2strokewayoflife

    Plastic&Graphic kit problems!

    yes, i bet i can find a couple decals to stick there to fix up the problem but i would really prefer to have a full kit on it well thanks for the help
  2. 2strokewayoflife

    Plastic&Graphic kit problems!

    Well sure, some bikes may have graphic kits for 2 shrouds, but you can put only one on if you want. May look a little different but its not against the law....
  3. Hey I've got an 1995 Rm-80, with plastics that state to fit years 1986-2000 on it now.Its almost seemingly impossible to find a decent graphics kit for an 80. Well i thought, would i be able to buy an 85 kit and fit it on there? Maybe a little cutting would help? Right now there is only about 3-4 kits for the rm80s and there not all that great. Trying to open my options a little more with some of the newer stuff please help!