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  1. Hey there fellow ozzie 600'er My 98 has done this for ages?? Have some trouble with getting into gears at times, so might be on its way out? Im in SA, dont ride that often, but go out bush when we do.
  2. same as moondogs good advice. If you have kick start, search the forum for instructions o nhow to start easy (it can be a bit of a bitch)!! Put a 14 front sprocket on instead of the stock 15. Cheap and will give you more get up and go. Change oil regularly, clean filter regulary, have fun regularly!!
  3. Hey terry if your'e having trouble starting, try this: -with ignition off, kick over real slow and gently till it hits top dead centre. This will feel slightly firmer than the rest of the stroke -turn it on, dont use any throttle at all, give it one firm, long kick. Don't jab at it, just kick all the way through so that it gives it a full stroke. I hated starting mine till i was told this. Now it starts first time, everytime, no hassles, no kickbacks!!
  4. TTR 600 is a pretty dam good bike, needs a decent exhaust tho, think Ill get a staintune. Anyone else ride a 600???
  5. Put a 14 on my 600, chain fits fine. Tried to change the rear sprocket aswell (crazy) but the chain wont fit? Oh well, new chain time!
  6. You guys are lucky, i have filled my 600 twice on one days riding, and that wasnt really going too hard. It was about 14 hours tho!