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  1. Beano

    Centre clutch hub

    Thanks. I was tryin to inspect my baksket when this happend:bonk: I have been too pissed to go back to it since, but my basket seem loose, you can rock it and the friction plates have made grooves into it, or are those grooves already there? Sorry for the stupid Q's but I'm not up to scratch on clutches
  2. Beano

    Centre clutch hub

    Well lond story short I crack off one the threads for the clutch springs trying to hold the basket. (I cant explain it much better) Question is, is that repairable? Or do I need a new clutch centre?
  3. Beano

    Please help

    Well, I reshimmed. I found that the shims had been worn significantly in the centre (hotcams shims)! In the end it took a .05 mm smaller shim to put them back in spec. Btw I used faction mx ss intake kit, seats cut, new seals (had guides bt the guy assured me it was a waste of time puttin them in). I am just hopin that the vavles were just sittin into place! Iam out this eveing so I will no tomorow if they moved again.
  4. Beano

    Please help

    Anyone that has put in new valves, have they moved as much as mine since you fitted them and have they been ok? I'm jus a bit worried .1mm seem a lot
  5. Beano


    Haha I cn touch the ground flat footed and be well off the seat. I'm 6 2" lol
  6. Beano

    Please help

    Well I decided to strip it after the first ridesince they were new intakes. O h the bike hasn been run since y-day
  7. Beano

    Please help

    After doing my new intakes, took the bike for its first ride, ran flawlessly. BUT (there is always a but) I noticed I didnt connect the little breather pipe to the air box I cannot find any traces of dirt and it was not very dusty out. Do you think damage has been done? I feel so sick over it! Also my intakes went from .15mm to .05mm in that hour of riding. Normal? I know they can move a bit but is .1mm too much?
  8. Beano

    New intakes now what?

    Thanks guys!
  9. Beano

    just maken sure.

    Well in my change over to 4st. I found them much more tractable, torquier, therefore easier to get back on the power and stay in the meat of the bikes power. Much harder on a 125 I think.
  10. Beano

    New intakes now what?

    Is there a break in procedure for new valves? Obvisouly strip down the bike aftr a ride to check clearences and torques
  11. I need it for the weekend, a makeshift job would get me by. Will only be doin 30min ridin in between racing for basically a display of vintage off roaders. Here in Ireland no one seems to know what jetting is and those who do look at me funny when I look for a 420 Main lol. Thanks for the link:thumbsup:
  12. Beano

    How hard is it to change a piston?

    Must say pretty easy job. Hardest thing I found was gettin the cam under the cam chain lol Dat easy!
  13. Hey guys I can't find a 420 main jet for a 2stroke minuki carb. I was hoping to get my bike(lt500) out to a Grasstrack, for a kind of funday for pre 88 bikes. I only have a 360 jet, can I drill it out? Do the numbers stand for the bore of the jet? What size bit would be equal to a 420?? Thanks Brian
  14. As for the quads LT500R aka Quadzilla
  15. The imbarrasment of been seen on that lol