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  1. ignatieff

    Stock Exhaust tip

    Problem with that approach is that land is rapidly being closed to trail riders over here, and noise is one reason why this is happening. I want to give the eco-nazis as few reasons as possible to complain. Modding an exhaust just to make some extra noise seems pretty silly in this context. Thanks for the posts all. Fixing the end cap at the moment. Should work ok.
  2. ignatieff

    Stock Exhaust tip

    nah, no big drill holes. guess it is just the tip that is making all the noise.
  3. ignatieff

    Stock Exhaust tip

    Ok, that sounds easy. Is there any way to tell if something has been done to the baffles? I took off the tip and had a look and couldn't see anything sus. Is there anything I should look for?
  4. ignatieff

    Stock Exhaust tip

    I know most of you want a louder pipe, but I'm actually looking at going the other way. I have annoying neighbours and I'd rather ride quiet than not ride at all. Does anyone have an un-modded stock tip that they would be willing to part with (preferably in Aus or NZ), or even a complete stock pipe? Alternatively, does anyone have a suggestion for an aftermarket tip that is really quiet, or some other solution? BTW - I currently have a stock pipe that has had the tip cut out, and god knows what done to the baffles. I have no idea what it originally looked like, but its pretty loud. No huge effect on power though.
  5. ignatieff

    Blinkers, Indicators or Turn Signals??

    A few people have been suggesting Buell stock indicators. They are cheap and look pretty good. I just fitted a set with the Baja LED taillight and they do look pretty cool. I ordered from Road and Sport Motorcycles in Hamilton. NZ$21, which is a bit more expensive than the US$6-7 in USA, but still pretty good. Hope this helps.
  6. ignatieff

    Excuse the outburst but...

    Yeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!! Just got back from the first ride on my new klx. *big grin* What an awesome bike. I can't believe how easy it is to ride. Its a real change to ride a bike that looks after you, rather than the other way around. Anyway, now that's done, let the modding begin.... Hope everyone is having a good day. I know I am!
  7. ignatieff

    Getting a bike onto a ute

    Thanks Neil, guess I'll be doing some practicing.
  8. Hi All, Done a quick search and I couldn't find any previous posts on this. What is the easiest way for one person to get a bike on/off an ute tray? I usually just lift the front, then lift the back, but this requires two people for it to work well. I think I would either do my back in or drop my bike, or both, if I tried it by myself. The best I can come up with is getting a plank to roll the bike up. Any better ideas?