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  1. ok_outfitters

    klr 250 shock

    The 1985 through 2006 KLR 250 OEM rear shock will fit all those years and Check out Progressive Suspension's Part number 420-1029 for the complete assembly and # 01-1186GT for a replacement rear spring.
  2. The 2007 KLX 250 S model is all brand new, It is a dualsport bike not a dirt bike, though it will perform better than the KLR 250 it replaced. you will not find any Used 2007s on a dealers lot unless the poor kid just could not afford it as soon as he got home with it. The KLX 250 S was not made before 2007 that which you are referring to is a totally different model and a far more aggressive bike. you'll find many KLX 250 , 300 and many more variations available used they are not the same bike.
  3. ok_outfitters

    KLR250 Basket case

    Look on Ebay antime you will find some one who has body plastics that will be from a KLR 250 or 600 (tool bag, grab rail, F & R fenders and cowl from the 84-86 KL600A1,B2,and B3 are the same). Aceribis or other universal plastics will also fit though not oem. But if you are looking to make this into a bonafide dirt bike, STOP sell it and get a Real dirt bike, you will sink a fortune into it before it anywhere near what you are expecting it to be. IT is a Dualsport bike that means it is street legal anywhere in the US, it makes a great commuter bike and yes it will go off road but don't expect it to perform like a real dirt bike like a XR 250R or YZ 250 it never will.
  4. ok_outfitters

    Klr Suspension Upgrade?

    Everybody seems to want to make the KLR into something it will never be. It is a Dualsport (or Dual purpose or Adventure touring) motorcycle, it will never be as agressive as the KLX. With the aftermarket you can correct it's imperfections some, make it ride better, stop better, gain some modest performance, load it up with gear including the kitchen sink. The KLR is best compared to a "Pack mule". It will get you there everytime but not as fast as you would want it to. It is capable both on and off the road (not many can do both). Bottom line it is not a dirt bike and is not a street bike it is both and neither. some others are more dirt capable and others are more street capable, the KLR sits in the middle anywhere from 95/5 to 70/30 street vs. dirt biased (depending on how you dress it out). If you want more of a dirt bike get a KLX or another brand. If you want a Street bike get a Buell Ulysess (at best 90/10 street vs. dirt biased maybe even 85/15 not much more than that) The thing about a dual sport bike people seem to miss is that it is not how fast it is in the top end or have the manners of a KDX 500 in the dirt, not gonna happen. The Bike is all about Compromise.
  5. ok_outfitters

    Missouri riders?

    I Live in Springfield, Mo. and we have a great group started on yahoo to promote Dual Sport riders in the Ozarks and SW MO area go to : Ozark Dualsport Adventures at Yahoo Groups.
  6. ok_outfitters

    thinking about getting a 06 klr650.. dealer wants 4995$

    The demand for the KLR650s at the dealers is high almost as bad as HD V-Twin bikes were doing (6-12 month waiting list for HDs back a few years). The Kawasaki dealer in my area says they sell almost as soon as they hit the showroom floor sometimes while they are unloading the delivery truck still in the crate. Now they come in Green or Red for 2006.
  7. ok_outfitters

    1995 KLX 650C/Plastic gas tank

    You are correct, after calling Acerbis I checked the part# I gave out to what was in the ACERBIS tank catalog. They discovered that the Part number that I quoted off their website was not specific to distinguish a KLX 650R from a KLX 650C, However after going back to their catalog they did have a listing for the KLX650C model in the Acerbis Tank Catalog but has been discontinued since the catalog was published. KLX650-C3 is the C Model what you have KLX650-A3 is the R model or MODEL YEARS COLOR SIZE ITEM KLX 650 R 93-99 green 17 l 0001591.130. KLX 650 C 93-97 black 19 l 0001592.090. ONE thing to point out is that the KLX650 R tank WILL fit the bike with modifications since they are basically the same bike. KLX650-C3 Tank Diagram Going to the "R" model tank would not be practical of you have a street legal C model , live in California and wish to have it remain street legal ( IT WON"T). The "R" Model comes with a sticker that says" manufactured for OFF ROAD USE ONLY, this would not be a problem for a street legal C model. If this is to be a Totally OFF road bike then that point won't be valuable but then sticking to the C Model tank would not make sense either then if that is so. KLX650-A3 Tank Diagram Changes to the bike will be switching to the vent coming out of the gas cap (must use Acerbis Cap, no more stock locking gas cap) and a tube taped to your bars, The R model uses a totally Different Petcock for fuel than the C model (unless you can retrofit the old petcock, better off just to just use the Acerbis Petcock) and the rear hold down for the tank will be a rubber strap(KLX650R,IE just like the 84-86 KLR 600) instead of one rear bolt(KLX650C). Also NOW the the Radiator shroud is now built in to the tank. HOWEVER if you CAN find someone who still has the Acerbis # 0001592.090 on the shelf, it is a direct plastic OFF ROAD USE replacement tank for the KLX650 C Model.
  8. ok_outfitters

    Dual Sport Riders in Western Washington

    There is a Yahoo group of Riders from your area called Puget_Sound_KLR650 They are a great group and they can help with tips on other local groups to meet and ride with through the Dual Sport News website.
  9. ok_outfitters

    Klx 125 Parts Needed

    The ( NEW ) OEM engine cover parts are available for a reasonable price and considering you would also like to consider to avoid (Used) perhaps leaky covers with hairline cracks that seeps oil. Give this Guy a call, Ron Ayers Motorsports has an Online Micro-fiche system you can lookup any parts you need there. Prices quoted below are from Ron Ayers Motorsports site. Internet and Mail Order Sales Hours: Monday - Friday: 10:30am - 7:00pm EST Mailing Address: Ron Ayers Motorsports 1918 North Memorial Dr. Greenville, NC 27834 Phone: orderline: 1.800.888.3084 fax: 252.329.0852 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I looked up a 2003-2004 KLX125-A1/A2 TOTAL PRICE WITHOUT TAX WAS $ 212.73 LISTING TO FOLLOW (does not include bolts, nuts,or pins): Part Number: 14031-S004 Description: COVER-GENERATOR Price: $65.70 Source: KAWASAKI Part Number: 14032-S005 Description: COVER-CLUTCH Price: $88.36 Source: KAWASAKI >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Part Number: 11061-S036 Description: GASKET,CLUTCH COVER Price: $6.37 Source: KAWASAKI Part Number: 11061-S037 Description: GASKET,MAGNETO COVER Price: $3.78 Source: KAWASAKI Part Number: 14091-S059 Description: COVER,ENGINE SPROCKET Price: $28.77 Source: KAWASAKI Part Number: 16115-S002 Description: CAP-OIL FILLER Price: $2.48 Source: KAWASAKI Part Number: 92055-S006 Description: RING-O,ID:6.8 (fits CAP-OIL FILLER # 16115-S002) Price: $0.91 Source: KAWASAKI Part Number: 52005-S004 Description: GAUGE,OIL LEVEL Price: $7.92 Source: KAWASAKI Part Number: 92066-S002 Description: PLUG ( for COVER-GENERATOR) Price: $1.77 Source: KAWASAKI Part Number: 11061-S005 Description: GASKET,12.1X16.2X3.7 ( fits COVER-GENERATOR PLUG # 92066-S002) Price: $0.70 Source: KAWASAKI Part Number: 92066-S018 Description: PLUG,20X10 (in center of COVER-GENERATOR) Price: $5.07 Source: KAWASAKI Part Number: 92055-S035 Description: RING-O,D:3.1 (fits above COVER-GENERATOR PLUG # 92066-S018) Price: $0.90 Source: KAWASAKI >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> AND just in case you need it : A NEW ENGINE CASE ------------------------------------- Part Number: 14001-S001 Description: SET-CRANKCASE Price: $296.54 Source: KAWASAKI --------------------------------------
  10. ok_outfitters

    1995 KLX 650C/Plastic gas tank

    The tank you are looking for is available from acerbis: KLX650 Model Size Years Color Price Item KLX650 4.75 gal. 1993-1995 Green $220.00 11159103
  11. ok_outfitters

    Which Exhaust

    you stated elsewhere that you had a 2005 KLX 300, The Systems available that are Forest service approved are: 1) FMF "Q" Silencer KLX250/300 fits 94'-04' (05' also) for around $$$ 300 2) Pro Circuit T-4 Silencer w/Spark Arrestor KLX250 94-96 / KLX300 97-04 for around $$$ 320 3) Big Gun Evo X Series Exhaust Complete System KLX250/300 94-05 for around $$$ 450 to $$$ 480 For the best value, I would go with the Big Gun EVO X series. It is a complete system, comes with a thermal coating in the pipe, Meets the AMA 102 db sound requirements in standard trim also comes standard with USFS approved spark arrestor and with the quiet pak installed is around 94 db.
  12. ok_outfitters

    thinking about getting a 06 klr650.. dealer wants 4995$

    For anyone who has never Owned a KLR 650 before there is a great resource article from Chris Krok of Big Cee Engineering a list of FAQs (great points made and many questions of those answered). My business, Ozark KLR Outfitters performs any of these upgrades listed at Big Cee and also helps new KLR owners get their rides set up with all the right gear.
  13. ok_outfitters

    Super Sherpa vs. KLR250?

    for the US model KLR 250 just go to the main Kawasaki site some great resources for info on the KL250 Super Sherpa VS. the KLR 250 are: at Yahoo groups - Super Sherpa KL250 Kawasaki links: Canadian Kawasaki links Canadian Super Sherpas at Kawasaki siteCanada does not carry the KLR 250 but still carries the Super Sherpa. Austrailian Kawasaki Sherpa site They have both the KLR 250 and the Super Sherpa available in the same market. New Dual purpose Kawasaki bikes in Europe are mostly Twins not singles anymore with the New KLV 1000 and KLE 500.
  14. ok_outfitters

    klr 600 info !

    The last Year for a US Model Kawasaki KLR 600 was the KL600-B2 model in 1986. you will not find any data about a 1988 model. The UK KLR models are slightly different but yours is likely is a 1988 model KL500-A2. These bikes were made only in 1987 and 1988.
  15. ok_outfitters

    KLR 650 plastic

    There are some Universal fit aftermarket Plastic body parts that will fit the KLR, but unfortunately no one I deal with yet offers aftermarket plastic specific to the KLR. If you simply need replacement plastic, try Ebay most body panels will interchange 1987- 2006 for the KLR 650. You will have to either pick a year that matches your paint scheme close enough to pass or paint it. I sell used but "New" condition "Take-Offs" body plastics for the KLR 650, but am out of stock at the moment on pre' 2000 model parts.