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  1. imlostagain

    Ugliest bike ever!

    Does this qualify? http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Hideous-Abomination-Rolling-chassis-Dune-sport-LOOK_W0QQitemZ190123745356QQihZ009QQcategoryZ10062QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  2. Is it possible to replace just the screws for the compression adjusters on my 01 CR250? I bought this bike used and it has the adjustment screws on both forks broken off flush. Would I have to buy new fork caps? If so , are they difficult to swap?
  3. Just curious if there is any way to determine how much fork fluid needs to be replaced due to a leaking fork seal. Basically I was able to use the film negative trick to stop a leaking seal but is there any tricks to determine how much fluid to needs to be replaced without tearing the forks apart. I plan on servicing the forks in a couple weeks but was hoping to get a ride or two before then.
  4. Ok , I have recently purchased a 2001 CR250 that needs some jetting help. Currently the bike has a DEP pipe with a bills pipe silincer, aftermarket reeds (unsure of brand) and the bike was supposed to have been ported. The mikuni tmx carb is set up with a 430 main ,30 pilot,6BEH1-73 needle on the 2nd clip and lastly a S-9 nozzle (needle jet). The bike definately has an issue with excessive spooge out the pipe and doesn't transition well from low to mid. I have purchased 390,400,410,420,430 main jets as well as the S7 and S8 nozzles that I have seen recommended. So where do I start ? I will be riding in Northwestern PA/ Western NY @ 1200-1800 above sea level. Thanks
  5. imlostagain

    pipe repair

    Are there any pipe repair companies that can remove dents and nickel plate an exhaust? Would the plating be expensive ?
  6. imlostagain

    2001 cr250 jetting

    Ok, I am going to swap the nozzle but after a bit of reading old threads I'm not certain if I should be using the S-7 or the S-8. I'll likely just buy both and see how they respond. Any suggestions on where to order these as I'm confident my local dealer will be clueless.
  7. imlostagain

    2001 cr250 jetting

    I need help deciding on the jets for a 2001 cr250that is run in northwest PA/ western NY . This bike used to be ridden by a local A class rider and was supposed to have a good bit of work done to the motor. Unfortunately , I do not know what exactly was done other than porting . Currently the bike has a 430 main , 30 pilot, S-9 nozzle , and a 6BEH1-73 needle on the 2nd clip with a DEP pipe and factory silencer. When I picked this bike up from my friend it had serious spooge all over the swingarm and brakes that was coming from the exhaust and the plug was also wet fouling .One thing to note is that the bike only has about 30 minutes run-time in the past 3-4 years so the the wet fouling might be related to it sitting for so long and simply trying to get it to start. The only jets I have at this time are 390,400,410,420,and 430 main jets. I will primarily be riding woods/trails and but would occasionally like to hit a local motocross track.
  8. imlostagain

    Help '01 CR250 has no spark

    I am looking to buy a 2001 CR250 off a buddy of mine but the bike will not fire. Over the weekend it did fire up on 2 different occasions for for about 10 seconds but then shutoff and would not refire. I've since installed a new plug and tried disconnecting the kill switch but there is still no spark. What should I check next ?
  9. imlostagain

    E header to stock S exhaust gasket

    Yes , that is the one.
  10. imlostagain

    E header to stock S exhaust gasket

    Have you removed the sleeve/gasket that is inside the S muffler ? It looks like part of the muffler pipe but it actually removable. I've run a Pro Circuit "E" model header in my S muffler with no problems .I simply removed the sleeve and used some high temp sealant just to help seal the joint.
  11. imlostagain

    How to ship a set of wheels?

    I've sold a set of wheels to another TT member and am wondering what is the best way to ship them. I know a few of you have done this , so any suggestions? Ship them individually? box them? shrink wrap? or ???? They do not have rotors or sprockets to worry about, just the wheels and off road tires. I'm shipping the extras seperately to avoid any harm.
  12. imlostagain

    I need a white headlight shell

    pm sent
  13. imlostagain

    CRF Rear brake mod

    It's a great mod especially if your stock master resevoir is showing signs of distortion.It is a very easy swap but I too had to trim a small piece of the frame to get proper clearance. I've also sent you a pm in regards top this swap.
  14. imlostagain

    Ignition Cover center plug

    Ebay ... You can even get them engraved..
  15. imlostagain

    Get your lift jack by Midnight tonight!

    Sears will be having an additional 10% off tonight 6-9. http://www.sears.com/sr/javasr/dpp.do?vertical=Splash&cat=VIP+Night&splash=true&adCell=P96&BV_UseBVCookie=Yes