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  1. I also use the HF 4x8 folding trailer and find it to work very well. I use two tiedowns in the front, hooked under the frame rail and then one in the back, wrapped around the rear tire and hooked to the frame. The front ones pull the back one tight and it doesn't budge in the slightest. Very handy trailer, it fits within about a 2' x 4' space on the side of my garage when folded...
  2. bhavenst

    Garmin Etrex GPS Handlebar mount

    Plenty of responses, but no answer... The Garmin mount will not fit the fat part of the bar. It will only fit the thinner part.
  3. bhavenst

    Constant oil leakage, is this common???

    My breather hose was relocated (by the previous owner) so that it ends in a one-way duck bill type valve that sits just above the chain. The one-way valve prevents water ingestion, and the drippage lubes the chain. Seems like a good idea to me.
  4. bhavenst

    WR426 - Pros & Cons

    I picked up an '02 WR426 last fall for $3200. That included a Rekluse w/perch adj, auto-decom cam, pro tapers w/handguards, NPG coolant, radiator guards, street legal, relocated hot start, JD jetting kit, revalved suspension, etc. With the decomp cam, it starts in 1-3 kicks every time, hot or cold. IMHO, paying less than half of new and getting a great couple-of-year-old bike with lots of upgrades already in place makes a hell of a lot more sense than spending $8k for a new stock one...