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  1. dennyhot

    1999 250sx Gearbox

    Cheers dude..That solved the mystery.. I knew there was a needle bearing there...The thing must be a plastic casing and melted into mush.
  2. dennyhot

    1999 250sx Gearbox

    Hi guys can anyone tell me on a 1999 250sx ,inside the gearbox on the driveshaft, the gear closest to the kickstart(biggest gear on that shaft). Is there supposed to be a caged rollerbearing running between that gear and the shaft.,,,I have dis-assembled it all and was left with a load of wee needles lying loose. It also has some like plastic remains on the thrust washer beside it. Which makes me believe that the needle bearings were caged in a plastic housing or something ANY ONE GOT ANY IDEAS Also if anyone had a diagram of the gearbox parts would be great
  3. dennyhot

    Hot rods Conrod and Genuine piston Wont fit?

    well we got it sorted and know what the problem is... After a phone call to Hot rods in USA and talking to sam the tech guy there....very helpfull guy indeed. :doh: It seems that the Hot rods crank actually should be tapered to match the piston as well....but it seems there is a lot of conrods that dont and are 18mm width top - bottom of the small end. So any Genuine Honda piston that has HF1 or HF2 marked on it will not fit the Hot rods Conrod that has not got the taper:naughty: If you have a piston that is marked HF3 or more it will fit this..... If you want to fit a HF1 or HF2 piston you will need to make sure you are getting the Hot rods con rod with a smaller with at the top of the small end than at the bottom..ie taperd to the top... Well there you go ....what a day this problem caused me 4 hors on the phone to find out why the rods are different and why some pistons would fit and others dont.. :bonk: but now its:thumbsup: :bonk:
  4. dennyhot

    Hot rods Conrod and Genuine piston Wont fit?

    Cheers huffster for the reply.... but its actually the width at the top of the con rod is the problem that that bit of extra material. The widthof the small end (not dia) is 18mm at top and bottom. So the piston is not going fully down to line up with the hole,......the pistons gap were the top of the rod would sit is to small.....this is what the problem is. Has anyone got the dimensions of a 03 crf450 genuine piston (dims for the gap were the rod would sit and pin go through.?????
  5. dennyhot

    Hot rods Conrod and Genuine piston Wont fit?

    the guy has now told me that it is the width at the top of the small end that is hitting the piston as it goes up in. Hot rods crank are the same width at the bottom of the hole as the top.... but the genuine honda and prox ones are smaller width at the top than at the bottom so as to allow the genuine piston to fit as it has a smaller gap at the top than the bottom to match...... Hot rods small end with top - bottom 18mm Honda con rod small end 18mm at bottom and 14mm at top Gap on piston were con rod sits at the bottom is 19mm and tapering towards the top........Is this correct for the genuine CRF 450 piston 2003 ???? This where the problem is....does anyone have any info or ever had the same problem as this????
  6. dennyhot

    Hot rods Conrod and Genuine piston Wont fit?

    as usual a helpfull reply......to start off....
  7. hi guys just want to see if anyone else has ever succesfully fitted a hot rods Cran assembely to a genuine CRF 450 piston and had any problems with it. Want to know because i have a customer who has tried to fit a Hot rods crank kit to his CRF 450 06 with a genuine piston but has told me that the thickness of the small end bearing housing is so big it wont let the piston go down far enough to push the pin through. Now i dont have the bike in front of me so ,,,none of the telling me iam fitting it wrong ... Just want to know if these cranks are designed for any piston inc. the genuine CRF 450 piston He measured the distance from the top of small end hole to the end of the con rod and says its approx 5mm...........but that it is approx 3.5mm on the genuine honda crank... ANY ideas guys? Has anyone else had this problem? For all i know he could be fitting it stupidly or sumfin,,, just want to know if it has been a problem for some one else? Cheers Dean
  8. dennyhot

    Clutch basket play?

    hi guys Have a crf 450 03 in at the moment getting fixed, it also has a woblly outer clutch basket. Have seen this before and it can cause a bit of nisey engine as well. This one is loose in the bearings, the colar that rides on the bearings is loose also between it and the actual basket, which is causing alot of play and a rattly noise. My advice is to change all that you see play in. if you have the inner hub out you will be able to see where its coming from. Has anyone else seen this ? Have they noticed it causes a rattly noise on that side of the engine?
  9. dennyhot

    CRF 450 03 Crank loose?

    I recently took the side of my crf 450 (left side) and found a bit of play in the crank. i could move it up and down the smallest amount. and could also push it in and out towards the other side.the smallest amount as well. I have the bike apart now. can the bearing on the crankshaft be changed beside the cam chain gear? Has anyone else had this play in the crank ? if so what did they do to cure it? iam for replacing the main bearings , will this cure the play? The outer surface of the bearing that on the crank has no signs of wear on it at all so is it ok? cheers for any help at all
  10. just wanting to know if anyone has succefully fitt talon wheels to a drz sm 400, do the normal drz talon wheels fit? if anyone has had any probs doin this let me know if they got it fixed and how?
  11. dennyhot

    Cam chain noisy

    i had a noise on my cam chain side but only noticed it after i put a new counterbalance bearing in. I SCRATCHED my head for night after night tryin to figure out what it was making the noise. right side off ,then the left,then the rocker cover. still hadnt a clue . for some reason took the tensioner out tonite. it was tight till it came out about 1-2mm. AHA THE CHAIN SEEMED SORT OF TIGHT WHEN I HAD THE ROCKER COVER OFF. THE TENSIONER WAS AT THE END OF ITS TRAVEL had nothing left to give. lucky i got it in time before the chain decided to skip to the loo and cause my engine TO SHIT ITSELF. The guide will need to be replaced and probably the chain as well just to be sure.
  12. dennyhot

    Crank Bearings Gone?

    its an 03 bike and i think it was well serviced or so i was told!
  13. dennyhot

    Crank Bearings Gone?

    I recently took the side of my crf 450 (left side) and found a bit of play in the crank. i could move it up and down the smallest amount. and could also push it in and out towards the other side.the smallest amount as well. this is my first crf 450 so i dont know if this is just normal gap to allow for heat expansion or what?
  14. dennyhot

    04 CRF450R Gear Balancer wearing out

    is it the gear for the balancer on the right side you change (clutch side) I recently had the weep hole experience , the bearing was moving about in the cas ewhich made a loose fit for the new bearing. I fixed it with a round shim of steel and some bearing fit. Now i hear a noise and you can hear the balancer gears meshing together.did you hear that as well when you gears were going bad ? I hear it when i just turn the kickstart by hand. the loose bearing must of caused the two gears (cranshaft balancer gear drive and balancer gear ) to wear, hence now i hear the bad noise
  15. I have just replaced the balancer right side bearing on my crf .i checked it for play and tightened everything up sweet. all looks good. When i started the bike i heard like a rattly bad gear noise coming from the right side. i took the right side case off looked at everything ,and all still looks sweet. the noise sounded like a dry gear . i noticed that a could move the balancer gear back and forth slightly, but noticed that i could do that with most gears that mesh together on thaat side I had the oil level filled up to the inspection hole. Do CRF 450 sound like this or is there a worn gear or something, ITS MY FIRST CRF SO I DONT KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT????