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  1. Tornado-Piston

    is there supposed to be...

    a complete electrical circuit from the end plug cap to anywhere (engine,frame,even the coil. etc). because i cant get a resistance reading at all when starting at the plug cap.
  2. Tornado-Piston

    CR500 No Spark

    thanks for the free bump
  3. Tornado-Piston

    pads wearing fast..

    check the wear on your brake disc, if they have a groove that may be why
  4. Tornado-Piston

    CR500 No Spark

    i never said the cap was one piece with the wire . if you go up and read again i said the coil and wire are one piece lol
  5. Tornado-Piston

    CR500 No Spark

    http://www.bikebandit.com/houseofmotorcycles/2001-honda-cr500r/o/m11899#sch613368 look this is OEM Honda ,waht year is yours ,mine is a 2001 and the coil/wire is one piece. cant buy seperate and cant seperate the part. when i hook up a multimeter to test for resistance the is no complete circuit from the end cap to any ending on the coil is this normal? i got the unit in my hand. maybe someone can awnser this, i will try to sand the frame coil brackets ,forgot to do that and will be back to say the results
  6. Tornado-Piston

    CR500 No Spark

    there is no paint in the threads and bolts, so i dont think thats the problem and the coil and wire is once piece, you can see a example at bike bandit .com thx for the input . anymore help welcome
  7. Tornado-Piston

    CR500 No Spark

    hi all. my 2001 cr500 wont spark. I tested the resistance almost everywhere, every thing appears to be connected, stator was withing the resistance spec. brand new NGK plug, what I found was the one piece coil/wire had no resistance reading from the spark plug cap to the coil (no circuit at all). my multimeter wouldnt show a reading or beep on these 2 points. Should i buy a new one piece coil/wire for about 60$ before i bring my bike to a shop? I bought the bike rode it a few times and took it apart to coat the frame. and now it wont spark.
  8. Tornado-Piston

    Best bike with a kickstand but w/o a battery

    the answer is a CR500 or KX500 with a pro moto billet kickstand.
  9. Tornado-Piston

    NEW 2stroke Maicos?

    thats alot of bike right there
  10. Tornado-Piston

    cr500 lighting stator

    I allready got a 45w moose stator but before i install it i would like to see if anyone knows about the availability of the higher output stators like the e-line type or the service honda. I cant find either one for sale.
  11. Tornado-Piston

    Is a cr500 to much for me

    ;p lol i seen it too, funny
  12. Tornado-Piston

    Is a cr500 to much for me

    I often see people getting impatient and kicking it up and down, up and down like they are on a bicycle race or something. dont do that and take your time each kick.
  13. Tornado-Piston

    Check out this cr500 on ebay!

    i was expecting this add, he is finally letting it go.in 5 days. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Honda-CR500-NO-RESERVE_W0QQitemZ250534263169QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUS_motorcycles?hash=item3a55017981 i dont see a list of mods for the moto. and there aint no pics of the left side of the bike:banghead:.Doubt anyone will buy it.
  14. Tornado-Piston

    *Post Your Kawasaki 2 Stroke Pics Here*

    Not mine, but i think its a 99 model kx500 with removed tank decals. I love the green frame and seat.