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  1. a_kamm

    Missouri...dual sport kit..

    Has anyone installed a dualsport kit and gotten there bike licensed in MO...if so, any problems? just thinking about doing it to the crf
  2. I took the 230 out the other day, and something was wrong...really wrong! Low end is okay, midrange completely cuts out, and top end acceleration is fine...it's an engine cut-out in the midrange. Also, the bike idles roughly and backfires, etc... could this be due to a bad coil? any other suggestions? btw, i've already taken apart carb and checked for problems there...nothing i could see was wrong... Bike has power-up kit (jetting/de-restricted)
  3. Hey, I was just wondering if anyone had installed a dual sport kit on their 230 orand were able to get it liscenced? Anyone from Missouri do this? Thanks and if so, which kit did you go with?
  4. Here is a good site w/ lots of pictures on rejetting the 230: http://www.off-road.com/dirtbike/projects/crf230f/1/
  5. a_kamm

    crf150 1/4 mile time?

    probably about 16-20 seconds
  6. a_kamm

    4 stroke or 2 smoke for hill climbs

    the 4 stroke would have a lot more low end torque to get you flying up the hill!!!
  7. check ebay...just a guess
  8. give us pics, give us pics
  9. a_kamm

    Best Looking Photoshoped bike

    sweet photos
  10. a_kamm

    50 Vid

    jeeze, man i wish i could do that!!