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  1. 28, 150, not real hard ridder, but don't think that I could not handle it, just want to be able to get use to it. tough call
  2. I am a rather new rider, less than two years. I think I am rather decent, I am a trialrider, no races, maybe a scramble in the future. I have a ttr 250 and have a chance to go to a yz 400f . any sound advice would be appreciated. I have ridden a 450, but no real time on anything other than the ttr. What can you tell me about the change from one to the other. I allready know the hp is doubled and one is worlds stronger than the other. I am am looking for more sound detailed advice of what you think. thanks
  3. Well if its got the usfs beside the name and its the cheapest I guess thats the one I am going for. I don't really care whose name is on it, just want to let her breath a bit more and lose a few pounds. I really dont think I ride enough to ever see a pipe fall apart on me, as previously stated. I think I'll take my chances and save a few bucks.
  4. Thanks if the t4 is no noiser that the big gun , I will porb go back with it, its a bit cheaper too.
  5. big gun claims to be 92db, I want to stay leagal so I dont get hassled by the man
  6. not interested in sound, want to keep it leagl for forestry riding here in nc, have been looking at the big gun now that I am talked out of that one
  7. I would sell my ttr and buy a new bike before I tore in to mod like that, Resale might be effected pretty bad too. Replace the oil, and get better springs, boys back in the day ran normal shocks for ever, they did fine, THat doesnt fix your question, but I am a man, we have to put in our two cents. good luck
  8. anything is possible, but to you really want to get into modding your bike for inverted shocks to look cool, when the ones on a ttr work fine?
  9. I am wanting to purchase a new pipe for my ttr 250, Are any of the pipes that you can find on ebay any good? I can't budget a full system right now and was thinking about this one http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Yamaha-TTR250-TTR-250-FMF-Power-Core-IV-Exhaust-Sys_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ35596QQitemZ4604435104QQrdZ1 So I guess, Are slip ons ok to get? Can I upgrade to a full system later? Which one of them is my best bet, for the money? Thanks
  10. Or you could buy a "tiny tac" for 30+ bucks and be done with it. and draw no power. Check them out I run one on mine with great succsess
  11. not much taller I am a weekend rider, woods trails, I like the stock width, I just want something that feels more like my mt bike rather than the bend back at the grips like what comes stock.
  12. I am wanting some straighter bars for my ttr 250, I was wonder what some of ya'll were running and what you thought. I want to get an idea of whats out there that will fit and what people think of them before I make a purchase. I would love to see some pics of what you have if you have the time to mess with it. Thanks alot
  13. all motorcycles that are meant for the road in the us are metal, Its not a question of which one is better or worse , its the law yo get it on the road.
  14. I can get a tank for my harley for that price, I will keep looking for a better price, or else I'll make one myself.
  15. How much did that custom one run you?