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  1. alpine267

    04 crf 250 won't idle cold

    Dont turn the choke off straight away after you start it. I leave mine on for a min or so then turn it off. No need to adjust the idle
  2. alpine267

    so i got into an accident and need your help

    motosport.com and I would recommend hammer head shift levers but they are pricey. Ive heard good things about sunline levers too.
  3. alpine267

    Urgent question: FMF slip on install

    You dont use those when change the exhaust to an aftermarket.
  4. alpine267

    Dual PC's

  5. alpine267

    Dual PC's

    In my garage. I have the new style end caps too if you want me to take a picture with them
  6. alpine267

    '06 250R w/ PC Ti-4 Exhaust ???

    I have the dual TI-4s The stock end caps you can use the spark arrestors with but its about 100dbs I bought the 96 db end caps and it is probably 98 db but you cannot use the spark arrestors with them.
  7. alpine267

    Hole shot video

    WOW what are you putting in that kids bike? haha good job
  8. alpine267

    Mid-High Cam

    Yeah, Im looking for more mid range. What bike did you test this on? did the crower feel like it had less power up top then the stock cam?
  9. alpine267

    Mid-High Cam

    So say you dynoed a bike with the 08 cam and your cam where would you see a gain in your cam over the 08 cam?
  10. alpine267

    Mid-High Cam

    Im looking for a good mid-high cam for my 07 250. I have heard good things about the 08 cam but where exactly does it add power? I have been looking at crowers victory cam which the claim 2hp? anyone had experience with this cam? Also what does RHC offer for a mid-high cam? Thanks
  11. alpine267

    Getting rid of the bog.....boysen Quick shot or.......

    Timing the AP will cure the bog. I did it to my 07 with the jetting bellow and have zero bog. I never have to touch the fuel screw or mess with jetting. 175 main 45 pilot 45 leak 1 3/4 OUT fuel screw
  12. alpine267

    I checked my squirt and...

    dont hit it with a hammer! if you break the bronze squirt thing you need a whole new carb. as long as your squirt is not hitting the side of your carb and is pointing straight you are ok. When the engine is running it is acting like a vacuum and sucks the fuel straight into the port. Do you have a bog or any other problems?
  13. alpine267


    the faster you go the easier it will become make sure you get the front wheel in and then the back and get on the gas and look towards then end of the rut not down in front of you
  14. http://www.dirtdigits.com/productcart/pc/viewCategories.asp?idCategory=309
  15. alpine267

    Best exhaust sound??

    PC duals for sure