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  1. so where did you move to?
  2. haggeo

    XR electric start conversion?

    i bought my bike with the kit already installed thinking i would remove and sell it later. i never took it off, never got around to it and seemed like work. i've never noticed the weight. most of the time i kick start the bike because it always fires up on a kick or two no matter what. a few times i've been glad to have it, namely up in the sierras (6000+ ft) when i'm freezing, wheezing and lifting my bike out of a ditch or a snowbank. i still might take it off if i figure out that it's easy to do....
  3. anybody know if any other bike, street/dirt, shares the same size brake rotor with the XR? before i go paying $135 for a stock rotor from the dealer i want to know if i can find a used one at a bike salvage place but i want to have an idea of what bikes to look for.
  4. fill with 2 quarts ride bike for 5-10 min then check the level on the HOT engine. i think 2.3 quarts might be too much. is oil blowing out of your airbox at all?
  5. i was riding in death valley last weekend and the tower pin on my scotts pulled away from the link arm in the middle of a gravel wash i was riding through. my first thought was that my triple clamp had snapped because of the amount of play i felt in the handlebars. i stopped and reinserted the pin, i had greased it a bit too much, and it was almost like riding on a paved surface by comparison. i had heard people say they would never ride without one after riding with one and i can truly say the same thing, it's cheap life insurance.
  6. check with your bank to see if they have anything like SHOPSAFE. with my bank i get a credit card number generated for each online transaction that is good for any amount i choose. i just bought a cover for my racelight and got a visa credit card number that was good for only $20 so if it was intercepted they would only get, yep, $20. the virtual card expires after 2 months. the service is free at my bank, well, it's folded into all of the fees i must be paying....
  7. embarrassing noises happen.
  8. i have the opposite problem, the brakes seem to drag a bit, i can hear them when i push the bike into the garage. i bled the brakes and it did not take an hour, there's not that much volume of fluid in there. i used a mityvac and it took a couple of minutes.
  9. haggeo

    Oxford Brand Heated Hand Grips

    the symtecs are about $26, i wonder why the oxfords are that much more?
  10. guards are for sale $95 shipped within the CONUS.
  11. do you have pictures of the install? the oils sight tube is a problem on the right and the exhaust header on the left. here you can see the gap created by the oil sight tube. it's kind of hard to see from this perspective but the rad guard comes through the far side and hits the header before the mounting hole lines up. i could cut a slot for the oil sight tube but the header side would require cutting a couple of the holes for the reinforcing rods.
  12. just got a set of unabiker rad guards from the TT store and wondering if anyone has put these on a XRR with the oil sight tube? at first glance it does not seem like they will fit but i can't try because i have to leave for work soon. anybody have any recommendations for a rad guard that does not wrap around like the unabiker does? devol, works connection, MSR any good?
  13. haggeo

    650r D/s Conversion?

    maybe some of these LED flashers will solve the problem? in fact there are a number of components here that would make a DS kit much cheaper than baja designs kit. my kit was already on the bike but i would go for a DIY kit rather than pay baja designs high prices. they do have good tech support, they'll stay on the phone and walk you through problems, and i have no complaints other than the prices.
  14. haggeo

    650r D/s Conversion?

    i have the baja designs kit with an electric start on my bike and use both the DC regulator/rectifier and an AC regulator. the stator has two output wires and one goes to the ac regulator to run the lights, no battery needed, and the other goes to the DC reg/rec to run everything else and charge the battery for the e-start. that's how it should be anyway, whoever installed the kit has the lights running off of the battery and it drains the battery pretty quick. i just figured out what the problem was and it looks to be a real simple rewire. baja designs has a good PDF here that has clear instructions on the wiring.
  15. haggeo

    Dunlop D606 feedback

    maybe i'm going deaf but my 606's are not noisy on the road and are feel very solid at all speeds. i was worried about both problems and planned to ride them conservatively until i got used to them but i ended up stomping around my neighborhood at high speeds until my neighbors came out to glare at me.