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  1. Lowside

    Edelbrock Jetting - XR650R

    Naw, it's not that I didn't like it. I like it a lot but... I really can't afford it and it didn't solve the problem I desperately wanted it to fix, so I think I'll try to get some funds back out of it and load up on tires for spring... or maybe a steering damper???
  2. Lowside

    Edelbrock Jetting - XR650R

    Thanks for the info guys. I played with it a bit more this afternoon and ended up liking the 19 needle at 14 clicks out for riding around Denver. But... the Edelbrock didn't solve the problem I was trying to solve, an abrupt off - on throttle transition, so I don't think I'm going to keep it. Anyone looking for a gently used (one day old with about about 15 miles on it) Edelbrock for their XR650R shoot me a PM. Ted - Denver mapsmc@gmail.com
  3. Howdy XRers, I was psyched to see my Edelbrock had arrived today but am a little confused by the needle recommended in their install instructions. The instructions in the box say the correct needle for the XR650R is the 17 needle @ 12 clicks out, but the installed needle is a 19 @ 18 clicks out. I checked their web site and found the same install document, which is identical in every other way, says the correct needle is the 19 @ 18 clicks out. My riding altitude will generally be between 6,000 and 11,000 feet. To those running an Edelbrock, what needle and clicks are you using and what’s your riding altitude? Thanks in advance, Ted – Denver 2006 XR650R
  4. Lowside

    “E” Tank Options

    Howdy DRZ’ers, I’m looking at making a DRZ400E my next dual sport. I’ve been checking the options for a larger tank and was happy to find out Clark makes a 3.9 gal tank but then found out they don’t make one for the “E” model, only the “S” model. I see IMS makes tanks but really want to avoid them because of a terrible experience with an IMS tank on my KLR650. Is there anyone other than IMS that makes tanks for the “E”? Thanks for any info, Ted – In Denver and pining for spring!