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  1. schulk

    Looking for used stator

    Thank you all for the responses, I've contacted a couple of the folks, you have given me some great options. I'm not giving up, I will be back on the trail. Schulk
  2. schulk

    Old Husky Needs a Nut!!

    I have an '85 in my garage, I'll take a look and see if I can help ya out, may be a day or so, the carcass is in the back corner.
  3. schulk

    Looking for used stator

    Eurodirt has nothing for 4 strokes... dammit. Thanks for the lead, though!
  4. schulk

    Looking for used stator

    Thanks Bob, just dropped eurodirt and email, we'll see what happens. I appreciate the response(s). Schulk
  5. schulk

    Looking for used stator

    Thanks for the input, I called Ricky Stators and they told me it could not be repaired (sealed unit). Is PVL online? I'll take a look. 3 bills ain't bad to get back in the saddle. Thanks again, Schulk
  6. Fellow Husky Riders, Would anyone have (or know where I could find) a replacement stator for my '87 510 TE? Lost spark a while back and need to get back on the trails... Appreciate any feedback I can get. I know it's time to upgrade but I love this bike. Schulk