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  1. I am selling my sheetiron ticket, unable to attend due to injury. just looking to recover my cost thanks Jon 408 639 7452
  2. jbh208

    3 weeks? Is this normal?

    Call Motoxotica in Vacaville. I ordered a radiator, fender and misc other parts for my 08 te450 Received all parts the next day. I never had that kind of service on the Yamahas and Hondas I owned.
  3. jbh208

    many questions TE450,

    Coffee's photo shows the stock exhaust. Remove the spark arrestor and place into the arrow - which does not have one. thanks
  4. jbh208

    Carrying Fuel

    Brian, Looks like a fantastic ride. Thanks for the info.
  5. jbh208

    Carrying Fuel

    I have seen that can, not crazy about the fact that it is one time use. I was also thinking of the MSR dromedary bags, read on another site how they worked well for fuel. Wonder if anyone has any experience. http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/hubb/equipment-reviews/collapsible-gas-can-5231
  6. jbh208

    Carrying Fuel

    Lots of discussion on how to carry fuel as we wait for a larger tank to be built for the TE line. I just purchased a vest from OGIO that has large side pockets that will easily hold a 32oz msr bottle on each side. I will try this out next weekend on the San Luis Obispo dual sport and let you all know how it goes. I like this idea better than mounting a bunch of stuff to my rear fender. I figure each bottle will weigh about 2.5lbs - rough equivalent to a decent size love handle - if someone makes a flexible (i.e. camelback) fuel holder that would be ideal - but I haven't seen anything like that on the market. Sure will be a lot softer to land on when (not if) I crash. http://www.getabag.com/content-product_info/product_id-2645/ogio_mx_flight_vest.html
  7. jbh208

    many questions TE450,

    A picture is worth a thousand words, thank you
  8. jbh208

    many questions TE450,

    It is a Te power up kit. I usually don't ask such obvious questions, but it sure looks vacant inside of the can, not sure what the spark arrestor is supposed to look like.
  9. jbh208

    many questions TE450,

    David, thanks for the quick reply. I think the clutch issue must have been for a different model. 44 miles for a full tank of gas? looks like I will be wearing a few fuel bottles to get me to the 100 mile mark for the Sheet Iron 300 coming up.
  10. jbh208

    many questions TE450,

    Members of the board, I have several questions in regards to my new TE450, many have been covered but I am not clear on definitive answers. Any help is greatly appreciated. I have a couple of very long rides coming up and I really need to be prepared. Thanks in advance. 1. After power up kit is installed is it necessary to remap the jetting? I removed the lambda sensor. 2. Does the Arrow pipe have a spark arrestor installed from factory? 3. Clutch issues - I have had no problems as of yet, is this something to be concerned with? 4. Mileage is horrible as we all know. I think the consensus is 44 miles on a full tank of hard riding. Can anyone confirm. Is mileage greatly improved with just the lambda sensor installed? Is power compromised greatly. Thanks again for the help
  11. jbh208

    Fuel tank on 08s ???

    I emailed Clarke asking about a larger tank for the 08 TE450 They replied that they "will not have a tank for the 08 TE450 anytime in the near future". Bad news, has anyone heard from the other manufacturers?>
  12. GPR confirmed via email yesterday that they will have steering stabilizers for the 08 TE450 in one week. Sorry, didnt ask about other Husky models. I have had this brand other other bikes - really liked the adjustability and the quality. The V4 model is new, looks awesome http://gprstabilizer.com/prod_v4_dirt
  13. jbh208

    08 TE450 Ride report

    thanks, if only she were 30 years younger
  14. jbh208

    08 TE450 Ride report

    After much debate/ research I purchased an 08 Husky TE450. Previous bike is a 07 YamahaWR450 (currently for sale). I was back and forth between the Husky and the KTM 450EXCR. My impression of the bike after spending the weekend at Hollister Hills. First I did the power up kit install myself. Took about half an hour. The riding position on this bike is perfect. I am 5,10, usually I spend countless hours adjusting bars, levers etc. This bike out of the box fit me like a glove. The suspension is fantastic as well. I spent a ton of money on my WR to rework the sus and it still doesn't perform as well as the Husky's. The steering was quick and lite. Too quick. The forks were way to high in the triple clamp. Once lowered the bike was a lot less "twitchy" feeling. I also noticed that the rear wheel is all the way foward in the axle blocks. I may move that back after the chain stretches a bit. The hydraulic clutch is great, shifting is super smooth. Power is incredible and predictable. I chose the Husky over the KTM because of the short ratio transmission. I wanted a bike that was as close to a motorcrosser as possible but still be green sticker or plated. I pulled off the blinkers, tail light etc. It is very easy to swap these items on and off for when I do an enduro requiring a plate. My prediction is that Husky is the bike to beat and will gain a lot of ground against competitors in the next couple of years. I was at the grocery store, bike on my trailer and an older woman came up to me and said she noticed my bike. She noticed the big red "H" on the front fender, thought it was a Honda at first but then saw it was a Husky and thought it was a great looking bike. Her son apparently works for Honda.
  15. jbh208

    55 leak jet-Boyesen Quickshot combo

    I have installed both on my bike along CHM pipe and header, smog block off kit, air box open and pink wire. I did all mods at one time with the exception of the air box and pink wire. Bike starts on first bump and goes right into a smoth idle, great throttle response, no bog at all, bike is fast. I did lose low end torque - not sure what to atribute that to. 2004 250x cali model