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  1. Moto Psycho

    XT225 Idle problem

    Seafoam is a GREAT product, that will help clean your carb. I would also change your jets to a 130 main and 42.5 pilot. Stock is 125/40...
  2. Moto Psycho

    XT225 oil

    I use (and the owners manual suggests) Yamalube 20w-40 (bought a couple of cases awhile ago). They no longer sell it around here, only Yamalube 20w-50 now....
  3. Depends on the parts you are wanting to get....
  4. You forgot one Glenn... Advantages of XT225-- Larger aftermarket fuel tank....
  5. Moto Psycho

    XT225 questions

    I know of others that are taller and heavier than you, and ride the XT225 with no problems. Yes, the bike will haul you around. The $2200 pricetag is a bit high, I would offer $1700-$1800. They are a little cold blooded, but that is an easy cure. I've never had mine not start on the first or second hit of the button, even if it had sat for 6 months. Some have problems with the spokes. If you check them regularly, you shouldn't have too much problems. I ride mine fairly hard and have even jumped it, and I haven't broke any spokes....
  6. Moto Psycho

    2009 XT250 questions?

    The bike are set lean from the factory to met EPA regulations. On your carb, there is a Pilot Screw. It may be covered by a brass plug (I own an XT225, so XT250 may be different). Turn this screw in until slightly snug. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN! Then turn the screw back out 3 full turns. This will help with the cold bloodedness. You can also drill out the baffle inside the exhaust to open it up. This will make your bike run a little leaner, give you a little umph, but does not help with coldbloodedness. As for jets, the carb on your bike is a Tekai and not a Mikuni. I have heard you can use the Mikuni jets. The ones to use are listed below. Just make sure you get that jet in whatever size you are wanting.... Make: Mikuni Model: Large Round N100.604
  7. Moto Psycho

    Carb question about TW200

    Below is a link to putting a Mikuni TM33-8012 pumper carb on the XT225. It should help you and answer some of your questions.... Installing The Mikuni TM33-8012
  8. Moto Psycho

    pilot screw

    You don't want to tighten it down tight. That is used to mix the air/fuel ratio on start-up to about 1/4 throttle. If you screw it in (tighten) you allow less fuel (lean out mix), if you screw it out, you allow more fuel (richen the mix). If you are having trouble with cold starts and want your warm-up times to be quicker, you would screw the pilot screw in until it is slightly snug (do not over tighten), then back it out (full turns) until you find your sweet spot. If you need to screw out passed 3.5 full turns, I would go up one on your pilot jet....
  9. Moto Psycho

    Need Jetting Help TTR225

    I would try a 130 main and a 42.5 pilot jet and you can order them from Jets R Us You might also check that your float levels are set to correct specs....
  10. Moto Psycho

    225 idle problem/Long post

    You can contact Baja Designs and see if they can rewind your stator....
  11. Moto Psycho

    TTR 230 air intake

    That is one aspect of it. You want your plug color to be a nice light tan....
  12. Moto Psycho

    TTR 230 air intake

    Not sure what your elevation is, but at higher elevations, you want your bike lean, to compensate for lack of air. Your bike will be fine....
  13. Moto Psycho

    xt250 troubles

    Yes, drilling the exhaust does add a little power, and noise. I myself didn't find the noise to be that much louder, just a tad, and definitely not annoyingly loud. Gave it a thoatier grumble....
  14. Moto Psycho

    Ttr 225 rear fender

    Yes it is possible. You will have to modify the fender you want to use by drilling new holes to line up with your bikes mounting spots....
  15. Moto Psycho

    Unique Situation

    ejean86... Have you thought about an XT250 or XT225. There are others in your height and weight range riding them. Also, what about an XT350 or DR350. You can get all these mentioned bikes fairly cheap....