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  1. 51racing

    PWK28 on a KLX140l?

    Thanks for the response. I was not sure if a two stroke carb would work on a 4 stroke. I have been reading several threads regarding the 140 but did not see anything directly related to the 28mm carb.
  2. 51racing

    PWK28 on a KLX140l?

    My sons KX85 is down for the count. We are going to take a few parts off the 85 and mod a KLX140L. He has helped wrench on our bikes in the past and he is pretty excited about doing a build. Anyway, will a Keihin PWK28 carb work on a KLX140L? If so, would there be much of a difference on a stock motor. He is not ready for installing a big bore kit yet but maybe in the future. For now, we are looking at rebuilding/changing the suspension adding a new pipe, opening up the airbox and a few other simple mods. I want to use or keep the beneficial KX parts before I part out the rest. Any other ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. 51racing

    Which KTM to Buy?

    I am not sure if this will help but this was taken from another forum post: The XC-W is basically an EXC with no lights. The XC is the replacement for the MXC. If you like to ride on the track and on the trails, the XC will work very nicely for you. The XC for 06 is equipped with a close ratio transmission AKA SX tranny. The XC does not have near the top speed of the XC-W since the XC-W has a wide ratio gearbox. The XC for 07 is equipped with a semi- wide ratio transmission witch falls somewhere between the SX and XC-W transmission ratios. The XC is geared for a more aggrssive rider and has stiffer suspension to handle fast hare scrambles etc. The XC-W is geared toward being a more user friendly "trail bike" with softer springs and some other stuff... XCs come with machined ajustable clams, XC-Ws come with non ajustable(offset) cast clamps, they also come with a computor. Those are the main diffs.