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  1. Commercial real estate developer (warehouse buildings).
  2. It's nearing time for me to service the bike (S) for the first time. In reviewing the manual, it doesn't appear that there's any reason I can't do it myself (with a little help from some of my gear-head friends). Is there any reason for me to pay the dealer to do it? If I were to take it to the dealer, does anyone know about how much I should expect to pay? Thanks in advance for your input.............
  3. Thanks, that's good to know. I'm more concerned with color matching, so if anyone can steer me in the right direction, it would be appreciated.
  4. OK guys I'm a newbie here and I've had my 05 S for about 3-weeks. Love it.....Except, I hate the plastic white side plates and headlight shroud. I just put the Suzuki gel seat on and relaized how awesome the bike would look (to me) if the white plastic werereplaced with 05 Suzuki yellow plastic. Can anyone lead me to the right place to get the right color matching body pieces for my bike? P.S. I've looked @ the Acerbis stuff and wasn't too impressed with the quality of the finish. Also, from what I read here on the forum, their pieces are fitted for the 400E and not the 400S. Thanks, in advance!