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  1. nykx250

    Which sport bike wheels will fit the 400S ?

    Do you know what bearings, spacers, axles, and year wheels? I take it you mean there is no machining with gs500 wheels? Just bearings, spacers, and axles?
  2. nykx250

    Which sport bike wheels will fit the 400S ?

    Thanks for the reply...I've seen a couple pics of DRZ's on here with mag style wheels and remember reading a post a while back with the the bike they came off of. It was last year and I can't seem to find it now but was hoping to find out. If anyone comes across that post, a link would be great. Thanks again
  3. I was wondering if anyone took a wheelset off a sport bike that bolted right up? I'm loooking for: 1) What year, make and model you took them from? 2) Did you have to do anything else to get them to fit? Thanks
  4. Anybody got a link to buy the kickstart kit for a 2005 DRZ400S online. Good price and has it in stock as well. Thanks
  5. Anybody know if there is a electric start option for the 2006 250sxf? Are there bolt holes already there to add a starter and battery?
  6. nykx250

    Clutch fibers burning up like crazy

    What oil?....The good stuff that the Suzuki dealer gives me Sprocket cover?...I've noticed mud does like to stick in that area...So what you are saying as soon as you removed the cover your clutch stopped wearing so fast? I did notice the plates seemed a little on the dry side considering I ran it before I pulled it apart. That's what has got me freaked out and thinking in may be an oil delivery problem. How wet with oil should the fibers be if I run/ride it and immediately take it apart?
  7. Ok... To start it's not my riding skills I've had pleanty of bikes over the years and never had a problem like this. I think it may be an oil delivery problem to the clutch fibers but not sure so I was hoping mabe someone here knew what the problem is. There is less than 900 miles on my 05 DRZ400S and I have already gone throgh 2 sets of clutches. At first I though mabe the stock clutch was cheezy because after about 500 miles it was wasted with no adjustment left in the cable. Then I installed a complete set of race clutches (both fiber and metal) and now about 400 miles later these plates are wasted with no adjustment left in the cable. When I took it apart I noted that there was not alot of oil on the plates. I ran it before I took it apart so I would imagine the plates should have appeared saturated with oil. Is there a rare problem with DRZ's with oil pressure mabe? Anybody have this happen on their DRZ?
  8. nykx250

    What big bore kit to buy?

    Anybody know the weblink to this kit? Does M.T. have a website?
  9. nykx250

    Speedo Replacement

    I've been thinking about selling my stock speedo off my 2005 400S since I mainly ride dirt. It's only got 680 miles on it and it is in excellent condition. I'll sell you everything except for the temperature light cluster for $275.00 USD + shipping (speedo, cable, S drive gear, speedo bracket, cable guides). So if you or anyone else is interested PM me
  10. nykx250

    Crushed the header pipe ...

    Check ebay, there was a header pipe on there yesterday for like 10 bucks. If you try to fix it, pressurizing it and heating it up will give you the best results.
  11. Does anyone know if the Garmin V will recharge a rechargable battery when it runs off vehicle power? What I mean is: If I remove the unit to use it as a hand held, will the batteries be restored to a full charge so I don't have to put them in a charger. Or will in not charge them at all and I need to keep an eye on power drain?
  12. nykx250

    Acerbis Cyclops headlight

    It is just ok in stock form on the road...Here's what I did to mine to get it good for night riding:::Honed out the 5watt and replaced it with a 21watt 921 bulb. You need to expand the rubber socket with a small screw to keep it in place in the widened hole. Then bridge a diode between your hi and low beam so the low stays on with the high. Then it will work good on the road at night. My stock DRZ400S with a 80/100watt bulb was way brighter than the stock Cyclops.
  13. Not at all.....You all have been a great help....Thank YouI have a much better understanding on what is happening within the unit. I read the maunual but it does not give alot of detail. I'm going to do some recording over the week and play with downloading and uploading to get a better feel on what this awesome little unit can do. Thanks again
  14. This is what I want to be able to do....To explain.....I want to be able to just freeride an unfamiliar area, if it was a good section of trail I want to be able to download it to my computer in a road type form(like normal roads are displayed) So when I go back 2 months later and the leaves have recovered any marks I left I can still follow my exact path when I recorded it.(Just like it looks when you are in your car driving on the hiway.So how would I go about over-laying a recorded ride so it would kind of be like adding new roads to the existing pre-programed US roads?(So I can see surrounding developments with my new added trails apearing as a road. Anybody ever done that? Or convert and store a ride as a route so I can call that route up at a later date?