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    Problems with 2006 KX250F

    I been riding my '06 KX250 for a few weeks now and if my wife would let me, I'd take it to bed(probably get more action too!). I have had a new YZ250F every year since they were a available. They are a bulletproof bike but the handling for me, well sucked. This Kawi, from the box, rips, the stock suspension once broke in is amazing, and the thing just carves. It is without a doubt the most amazing bike that I yet to throw a leg over in 20 years. I did however, put the P38 on and dropped the pilot to a #38 and voila no bog. I'm kinda eying a pipe for her, but if mama gets wind of it, I WILL be sleeping with the Kawi, in the Garage. Oh well, could be worse I suppose? Ah gonna be a great summer! Cheers folks going riding, stay tight and don't forget to wipe. RT