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  1. how did u find the 4.1 to work im thinking about buying 1 for my 04 kx250f.....but im tossing up with an aprovik or a fmf...just looking for a comparison
  2. yeah u gotta re-jett with the exhuast and we sell the procircuts at work and theve had no complaints but can be a bit loud if not re-packed when old packing dies....
  3. yeah thats how my problem started....i ended up putting the valves through the top of the always gotta do valves espically if your riding flatt out
  4. each bikes jetting is differeent because of the riding types and the conditions you are riding in....your best option would be to get it dyno runned by a professional they sort it all out for you
  5. Check out this exhuast its a drd
  6. u guys have no clue have you ever seen the scootoz troop carrier.. my brother has a full sponsor ship by scootoz australia and those things are crazy they have the strongest engines i have seen in a 50 in a long time..ive ridden the 110 and its the most reliable engine ive seen in a long while....i was at the meatl mulisha signing and to watch twitch and the other burn around the car park was awesome.....they leave the other chinese things for dead...speak to the owner and see wat he has to check them out
  7. thanks i just had them laying around not being used so i thought about putting them on but since they wont work they can stay lying around thanks 4 the help....wat is the best carb for a stock 50??????
  8. hey i was wondering if anyone out there would know the answer to my question i got 24mm and 28mm mikuni carbs laying around at home and i was wondering wat whould happen if i was to put one of them on my crf 50 with a custom manifold so the carb will fit. its mainly flat out riding not much bottom end use at all. the bike is stock but soon to have a aftermarket cdi rev box.... thanks 4 taking the time to read this just wondering if anyone could help...