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  1. Here's a write up on this. http://www.codewins.com/motorcycles/crf230valveclearance/ David
  2. http://www.codewins.com/motorcycles/crf230valveclearance/ Hope this helps. David
  3. In case anyone else is interested, here is a step-by-step description of checking/adjusting valve clearance based on my first-time experience. (Actually, the service manual describes this fairly well.) Let me know if you see anything inaccurate or have other comments. http://codewins.com/motorcycles/crf230valveclearance dbp
  4. I totally agree. I got some today and they were 10x easier than the "20 feelers on a single tool" I got earlier from Sears. Thanks for your help everyone, it's done! I took some pictures so I'll try to do a step-by-step writeup sometime soon. But basically if you follow the Service Manual and use the Motion Pro feelers and adjustment tool it's an easy job. dbp
  5. I should have mentioned that specified clearance for both intake and exhaust is 0.004 +/- 0.001". So if I can't get a 0.002" feeler in the intake, it's tightened up a lot in just 80 miles (assuming it left the factory at 0.004"). dbp
  6. I'm checking the valve clearance on my 05 crf230 for the first time, after 2 rides / 80 miles. Exhaust is fine - 0.004" feeler just fits. I'm having problem checking the intake. After much fiddling finally got a 0.0015" feeler in, but can't get the 0.002" feeler in. So I have two questions: 1) Any tricks to getting the feeler lined up for the intake? (I tried bending the feeler a bit.) 2) Is it likely that the clearance could have tightened up so quickly? Or is my measuring technique just lousy? Thanks! dbp
  7. OK, thanks, that's what I need to know. I also called Cycra tech support. Once I convinced them the CRF230 would need the front (not side) triple clamp mount (I guess most CRFs have the pinch bolts on the side), they said the triple-clamp option might work, but they weren't really sure. So I ordered the bar mount Cycras. dbp
  8. I want to get Cycra handguards for my CRF230. Has anyone tried these with the triple clamp mount? If so, in mounting them, was the front number plate in the way? Also, did everything line up ok when you installed them, or did you need to tweak the bend on the Cycra mounts (as I did on my dual sport)? (I'm planning to go with ProTaper SE CR HI bars.) Or should I go with the bar mounts? Thanks! dbp