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  1. vegasthumper


    I have WB alumapro II exhasut on my bike. Since there is not guard on it I keep burning the hell out of my pants... I know there are a few options but I was looking for your imput. I was thinking of either wraping my head pipe or having it ceramic coated. What are the pro and cons of both? What do you recomend? Thanks B
  2. vegasthumper

    What gas to use??

    so it is really worth the bucks? the only bad thing is that im going to st anthonys for 4 days and thats like $210 in fuel for the the trip.. is there a real diference in the performance???
  3. vegasthumper

    What gas to use??

    Good info I thought that lead was the main source of pollution. So is the high octane hard on the valves? These are just all things that I have been told. I dont want to compromise the integrity of my bike with gas!
  4. vegasthumper

    What gas to use??

    Wow. Can I get you # so I can check with you before I mod my bike next time???? What's your problem?? Im not whining Im asking questions? I only want my bike to run as clean as possible.. Whats the harm in that???
  5. vegasthumper

    What gas to use??

    Is there any truth that high octane is hard on the valves??
  6. vegasthumper

    What gas to use??

    I have an 05CRF450R with a stage II hot cam, 13:1 Weisco Piston and WB exhaust. I was wanting to use better gas than pump gas. I was looking at vp's U4 but its like $13 a gallon.. A bit steep I must say. Ive been told that high octane is hard on the valves. True or False? Am I just being a retard wanting to use different gas Please let me know your thoughts and opinions. Thanks
  7. vegasthumper

    450s overrated?

    I have to agree. Why sell yourself short. Buy the biggest, fastest and most powerful and just get used to it.
  8. vegasthumper

    CR500 for sale?

    A guy I know is looking for a CR500. Does anyone have one? Can you point me in the right direction?
  9. vegasthumper

    05 CRF 450R Must Haves?

    I have to agree on this!
  10. vegasthumper

    450s overrated?

    Whats the point of having a bike if it doesn't scar the sh*t out of you every time you ride. Who wants a bike that is mellow. To me mellow=boring!
  11. vegasthumper

    05 CRF 450R Must Haves?

    The twin air Power flow filter kit is worth the money. bout $120 and it lets that thing breathe like it needs to.
  12. vegasthumper

    plastic: so many choices!

    I like acerbis my self but thats just my $.02
  13. vegasthumper


    Tom thanks for the advice I will try that and see if there is much change. My main concern is to still have the power to pull the long, steep dunes. Don't want to give any of those two smokes a chace!
  14. vegasthumper


    Looking for some suggestions on sprocket combos. I just added wb exhaust, stage II hotcam and a 13:1 piston in my 05CRF450R. I currently have a 13 on front and a 52 on the rear. It seems to be geared to damn low for the new increase in power. I mainly ride in the dunes. Any input would be sweet! Thanks
  15. vegasthumper

    Stage 2 Hot Cam

    I recentlly just added a wb aluma pro II to my 05 crf450. I was thinking about adding stage 2 hot cam. Does any one have one in ther bikes? How is the performance? I was also thinking about the 13.5:1 piston? Is it worth it?