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  1. A very quick google search is your friend. The Aprilia SXV550 is going eat you alive either on the cart tracks or full road course - they make more power, have a better transmission, and a wider power spread. The CR500 is lacking without a power valve, you can't find the wide ratio gear boxes for a larger track, and your gearing options are HIGHLY limited. Then there is the death rattle - many of CR500 hybrids have shown up on the wera grids - many of them vibrated themselves right off the grid. Either breaking chassis welds, or breaking themselves.
  2. Socket

    09 YZ250 Plug Fouling Issue

    Go faster so it doesn't load up. Or rejet it for how you're riding.
  3. Socket

    Bottom End Rebuild: OEM or HotRods?

    I wouldn't touch ProX, or hot rods. The OEM crank isn't expensive, and they're known to last and be rebuildable. Why not get your '06 crank rebuilt? Call crankworks in AZ.
  4. Man, I'm so happy your reposted this. That 6 pager thread just wasn't enough.
  5. You're the reason I don't buy used bikes.
  6. Socket

    Still in Crate CR125 2007

    Over pay for one of the slowest 125's ever built? Nothanksjeff
  7. Socket

    Cr 250 2003 piston broke now what?

    wow wow wow - is that wiseco crank I spy? Good luck, you'll be doing another bottom end within the month of getting it together. A simple google search will net the manual in PDF format for free.
  8. Socket

    Airstryker help 2004 cr250

    100% crisp and clean running on my 250.
  9. Socket

    04 CR250 new to me

    Sunday 8-1 this weekend, no clue on their other hours - they aren't open often.
  10. Socket

    how does my piston and cylinder look?

    Piston is trashed. Cylinder looks OK.
  11. Socket

    My new ride seemed to sieze up! Please Help.

    The more oil the better in a small bore, but I am not going to start that debate. Pistol2, your bike is locked up - time for a full rebuild, top and bottom end. I'm going to guess/assume both bikes have a wiseco crank in them.
  12. 88 octane unleaded fuel? Really? Good god, you must hate your top end.
  13. Socket

    Is it worth waiting for the mighty 01?

    so because you've never seen it, it's not true? Perfect sense.
  14. I have never ridden a slower 125 than the '03-04 CR125R.