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  1. Neversurfaced

    Death Valley 1K - Ride Report!!

    7 years ago - hard to believe!!
  2. Neversurfaced

    Lost riders in Gorman?

    We could, then we could use our reserve chutes to Evel Knievel those 2-strokes off the nearest cliff!!
  3. Neversurfaced

    Lost riders in Gorman?

    Shut down commenting and deleted a couple of parallel threads. I think one of the admins may have been on the ride and got his panties in a bunch. Luckily I saved this gem that somebody posted before the admin deleted the thread. Pure gold!!
  4. Neversurfaced

    Lost riders in Gorman?

    I've been expanding my horizons and discovering new and thrilling ways to suffer...
  5. Neversurfaced

    Lost riders in Gorman?

    OK fellas, thumbs up & smile for the camera!!
  6. Neversurfaced

    Lost riders in Gorman?

    They've already made a Hollywood Blockbuster out of it!
  7. Neversurfaced

    Lost riders in Gorman?

    Yeah, but I don't think these bikes need to be extracted as much as they just need to be ridden out... And besides, I'm busy that day :-)
  8. Neversurfaced

    Lost riders in Gorman?

  9. Neversurfaced

    Lost riders in Gorman?

    According to at least one source a few of the guys were riding two strokes and they ran out of gas. Sun went down, guys got cold and panic set in. Apparently 911 was their best option. According to a regular poster from Thumpertalk that made mention on a parallel topic, these guys are "some of the best non-pro riders in the area". I for one find that pretty &%$#@!ing impossible to believe. If no one was severely injured, I can find absolutely no reason call in the authorities. They were certainly able to build a fire which should have seen them through the night. I've spent the night in sub-freezing temperatures with nothing but a fire and a dirty mexican blanket to see me through. Suck it up and break out the marshmallows!
  10. Neversurfaced

    Walt Nitto (9Lives) Memorial Ride

    Time and location set for this weekend - Please PM me for info. Chad
  11. Neversurfaced

    Walt Nitto (9Lives) Memorial Ride

  12. I was going to try to do this via PM, but (1) everyone has a new, stupid screen name and (2) Walt had a lot more friends on this board than I had the pleasure to ride with. I wanted to make sure to get the word out to everyone. Details are still developing, but please PM me if interested in attending. Likewise, please pass the word along to anyone you know that may want to attend that may no longer be on this board… Cheers- Chad
  13. Did some poking around but got lost in page after page a stator re-wind questions... Currently have a Baja Designs kit on my '01 that I believe was added to the bike right off the floor (i.e. 14+/- years ago). Switches, wiring, etc... is old and tired. Wasn't sure if I was better off just replacing parts piecemeal, or if this would be the time for a complete upgrade... Looks like i'm runing the stock stator. Was also curious as to what other companies might be out there aside from Baja Designs that (should I got for a complete R&R) might be worth looking at. Thanks - roost on - happy trails - salud!! Chad
  14. Neversurfaced

    California Walt Nitto (9Lives) Services

    For those of you that would like to pay your last respects, Walt's services will be this Saturday the 17th at: Crossroads Church 2331 Kellogg Ave. Corona, Ca. 92881 Services begin at 11:00am.
  15. Neversurfaced

    So sad right now...

    Unfortunately yes - spoke with / messaged the boys. Hate doing this here, but this is the only contact I have for many of you.