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    Thumpette Ride in Phoenix, AZ

    "Thumpette Ride in Phoenix, AZ"
  2. scotts2fiddy

    piston ring order

    im going to install by rpm 262 kit soon but im not sure i know where all the piston rings go. i have 5 rings here, a perferated oil ring, a copper colored ring about 40 thousandths think, a black ring of the same thickness, and two real thin rings with no letters on them. i think the thin ones sandwich the perforated oil ring and go in the bottom grove but im not sure after that. would the copper ring go in the very top groove or the black ring?
  3. scotts2fiddy

    big bore kit installation

    im gonna install a 262 kit in my wr fairly soon, and i was wondering if its easier to swap out the cylinders with the engine in the bike or take the whole engine out to install the kit.
  4. scotts2fiddy

    XR 200 compared to WR250

    i just sold my 2000 xr200 and bought a wr250 about a month ago, and like everyone says there is a large difference. the wr makes about twice the power and its all in the upper rpm compared to the 200. took me a while to get used to revving the wr. with the wr, when it feels like you want to shift you are just entering the power band. the 200 is about done at 7000 rpm and the wr is just getting started. comming off the honda you will be more than surprised with the wr. also the yami has much better suspension and probably three more inches of travel, not to mention its fully adjustable unlike the 200's. remarkably the wr is no heavier than the xr. i think the wr compares favorably in every catagory. the 200 was a great bike and was perfect to learn on but wr is ultimately the better bike. the only thing i miss is the seat. the wr's is narrow and a little firm.
  5. scotts2fiddy

    wr vs. yz motor

    i just bought a 2001 wr with airbox, baffle, grey wire, throttle stop and the exhaust cam timing mods already done. with these mods done, how does the power compare to that of a 2001 yz. i believe the yz has a different exhaust cam but are there other differeneces between the two motors? if the yz puts out 32 hp would it be safe to say i have 28 or 29hp?