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  1. BadMotoWeazal

    KLX 26MM carb ?

    Hey, thanks for all the reply's..... LOL
  2. BadMotoWeazal

    KLX 26MM carb ?

    So I bought my son a KLX 143 big bore bike.... It has a 26mm carb on it with a UNI filter, the filter sit right behind the front fender. What are you guys doing to keep the filter from sucking in water & getting clogged with mud. We ride off-road, creeks & mud puddle/holes are a common thing. I've been looking at Outerwears pre-filters for the UNI. Anybody try them/use them. Or is the another air filter than UNI I need to look at along with a pre-filter?. Thanks all, Jason
  3. +1....I think Kelly (Ride) has given you what you want......Linkage vs PDS, I don't think it will be too much longer before KTM has linkage on their bikes, maybe by next year (2010), especially if they want to excel more in the motocross realm. I've seen photos of KTM's with linkage on. If I ride my KTM with Factory Connection goodies, on a section then ride my friends Kawasaki through that same section, there is a difference. PDS does not like square edges or thick roots/rocks when you are on the gas, many of the Moto Rags say the same thing: the chassis, motor, brakes on the Katooms are great but the rear suspension lacks. Sure the PDS is easier & cheaper to maintain, but I think there is a reason KTM is the only manufacturer to use it. Seems if it were the best system the the Japanese engineers would have copied or created it long ago. Now I love my KTM & you get used to what it can do & not do, you adapt your riding style to its capacities. Bottom line if you can get the TXC 450 for a steal then buy it, if you want the KTM 3-stroke go get one....you really can't lose with ether one.
  4. BadMotoWeazal

    610-Good Years

    Try to buy 2005 & up. Newer frame & updated motor.....GL
  5. Have you called around? Try Hall's in Springfield, IL & Uptite Husky In Cali, these are 2 of the largest parts stocking HVA dealers that I know....Hard to believe they can't be fixed though, I've smashed the crap out of my KTM's & got them fixed.
  6. BadMotoWeazal

    610 Sidestand strong enough to mount the bike?

    Unfortunately yes, for some reason the Europeans don't put a lot of technology into their dirt bike kickstands. They are weak & break easily. I love my ProMoto Billet Kick It kickstand on my KTM XC-W 400. You can mount the bike with that stand
  7. BadMotoWeazal

    Perry Mtn. Chicken House H/S

    Losing to first by 8 seconds isn't getting smoked. I think the Vet A class was the most competitive of the all the classes yesterday. 1st, 2nd & 3rd could all see each other.
  8. BadMotoWeazal

    PHOTOS up for Ridge Team Race

    I was there.....Somewhere in the dust!!!
  9. BadMotoWeazal

    bike stalls going down steep hill.

    Pull in the clutch???? Seriously, You don't have any problems with the bike stalling on flat ground? Other than checking the float level as suggested above you might want to check the clutch cable & see if it needs an adjustment or replaced & how long has it been since you check you clutches. Sometimes if the clutch cable isn't adjusted right that little bit of drag on the clutch can cause the bike to stall.
  10. I would seal where the header meets the head and the other fittings where any 2 pieces of the exhaust pipe join together. I've used this ( http://www.permatex.com/products/motorcycle/motorcycle_gasketing/motorcycle_gasket_makers/motorcycle_MotoSeal_1_Ultimate_Gasket_Maker_Grey.htm ), several times on both my SM 610 & the Pumpkin, stays flexible at almost any temp. Apply to the male part of the exhaust pipe, slide it in, wipe off the excess with a little mineral spirits or contact cleaner, allow it to dry over night and you should be good to go.
  11. Jetting sounds a little lean & make sure to seal all the exhaust connections with a high temp sealant. Unsealed connections sometimes suck cool air into the system, causing a decel pop. GL
  12. BadMotoWeazal


    Meridian Mississippi sand...... Cut slicks in the dirt......
  13. BadMotoWeazal

    Maplesville Fun Run....

    This Sunday, March 22nd. Weather looks good, so check it out at........... http://perrymountain.com/Fun%20Runs/funrun.htm
  14. BadMotoWeazal

    Alabama Team Race 3/14/09

    Bump it up....The race is tomorrow!!!!! Hey ktm113mcp, "Go Orange or Go Away!" How's about a guy that has The Great White Pumpkin???? Never really liked the orange too much. ROLLLL TIDE!!!!
  15. BadMotoWeazal

    Lets see some 2-strokes set up for woods

    Lots on nice woods bikes. This is my favorite pics of a woods-smoker. 300cc & runs like the wind.....