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    I love to ride. That is what I do. I am also a drummer. I live in vacaville ca.

    Anyone Run Rg3?

    well i figured that, but i also figured since you had work done you would know what it cost. he did get back to me and I sent everything out to him today. thanks
  2. this is why i gave Dave a call today very nice guy to talk to btw. hopefully he can work his magic on my yz. will definitely post results

    Anyone Run Rg3?

    i called there today and didnt get an answer. left a message, but didn't hear anything back. guess i'll try again tomorrow. what would i be lookin at for revalve and springs? how long would everything take?

    Anyone Run Rg3?

    thanks guys

    Anyone Run Rg3?

    you would be right... i missed the link the first time. thinkin about it..

    Anyone Run Rg3?

    do you know how much they charge for re-valve or the diamond kit? how do you like it? thanks

    stony tomorrow

    yup, its raining, but its still open and i worked long and hard this week and i'm still goin. rain or no rain:banana:
  8. it hits harder. i ride 90% woods/open desert and could not ask for a better bike. if you are an experienced rider, feathering the clutch in tight stuff is no big deal, if it is then spend the 600 for the rekluse. My bike never overheats, or has any prob in tight woods. the wr is tamed and you need a wild beast. DO IT

    07 YZ 450 Fuel Mileage?

    i've gone 40 plus miles easilly on 1.8, so you should be able to almost double that. i dont know about 100 miles. carry some extra gas in your camel pack
  10. if the carb had an air leak you would get an irratic idle or a very high idle. check the plundger on the hot start and make sure its not stuck. (i'm saying this cuz you said you replaced the cable) does the plundger move freely and is it seating all the way down? how does the bike run when its in gear? i've owned two yz450s so far and they both popped on decel with a lean pilot and or airscrew. i use a 48 pilot with a filter and slip on, but even when the bike was stock it ran better with a 48.
  11. when changing the oil, you would not need to remove any bolt from the "head". i'm thinkin you mean the crank case and you are checking the oil overfill bolt (which is not really neccessary beacuse there is a dip stick right around the front of the motor.) oil should only be coming out of that bolt if you filled it too high. do you have a manual and did you put in the required amount with or without the oil filter? after you do that you should have started it and let it idle for 3 min and shut it off, then check the dipstick.
  12. RENNER

    rekluse report..first ride

    oh you must have the pro version
  13. RENNER

    rekluse owners chime in

    Has anyone used the rekluse basket as well??? If so, how are the dampeners serviceable like it says on rekluse web site? I figured you have to replace the basket if your dampeners are too worn, but with the rekluse basket can you just replace the dampeners? I'm trying to figure out what it means by the dampeners are serviceable.
  14. RENNER

    can you run diesel in a 98 400f?

    wut kind of redneck hillbilly told you that? he prob mixes diesel with his cheerios
  15. RENNER

    rekluse report..first ride

    hmmm.. i'm thinking about putting it on my 06 450. trying to figure out why you paid 600? i looked at this site and they are going for 399?? ya it was kinda funny watchin supercross in SF and every rider that crashed just picked up their bike and kept goin....