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    Return to stock exhaust on 400E

    I'm already thankful I found this site. Looks like the quick answer is to try and find a stock 400E and put that on the bike.m And then make sure the bike is jetted properly to accomodate. I'll probably keep the FMF pipe for now. I'm one of those people that likes to keep things for future use. Thanks for all the help and the personal messages as well.
  2. Hello there and good morning. This past weekend, I joined the ranks of DRZ owners. I picked up a 2002 400E so that I can go dirtbiking with my son. I've had a street bike (Volusia 800 at present) for a while, but this is a new foray to myself. I've been lurking on this site and really appreciate all the viewpoints. I checked out the FAQ's, but I couldn't;t find a definitive answer to this question. This probably sounds like a strange questions. The bike I bought has an FMF Powercore 4 pipe on it that is a lot louder than I'm really excited about. I'd like to get the bike a little quieter. The power aspect is not a big deal at present as my main goal is to ride with my 9 yr old son. I read some of the posts about repacking or adding a quiet core insert. With this really hep to lower the sound? Or would I be better off to find someone who has a stock pipe they would like to get rid of? If I find a stock pipe, which models are interchangeable? Can the 400S pipes go on the 400E. Hope I'm not creating a repeat of an old refrain here. Seems like my problem is the opposite of most people's questions. Power is not the big deal as much as quiet. Thanks