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  1. Super Mato

    Shock Linkage Question???

    All Balls bushes are harder than Pivot Works.
  2. Super Mato

    Cam Chain

    Hope the hard way is not too expensive for you. The chain is a wearing item, similar to a final drive chain, but with better lubrication. With a new cam chain, all your timing marks should return to their "as new" alignment. If you had a "catastrophic type" failure, the cam chain tensioner may have been responsible.
  3. Super Mato

    CLip style chain master link: Ima ll confused

    There is now an ERT2 Chain - the ERT link will not suit this chain - the pins are larger on the "2" and its is lighter. The link you received is not correct (ERT/2 are non ringed chains), but check which chain you have before ordering/swapping connecting link.
  4. Super Mato

    D.I.D. Masterlink question

    The dimensions are the same, but there is a critical difference - the tensile strength of the oring chain is 6630 kg, the xring is 8050 kg. The old truism states " a chain is only as strong as its weakest link". DID lists an FJ link in xring (press fit with a retaining clip) as well as a ZJ (rivet). As the 520 xring is one of the most popular chains in DID's range, I think a few phone calls should help you find one (or 3).
  5. Super Mato

    throttle cables!!

    The FCR carb has rollers on the slide to keep it moving freely, so it is less likely to stick open due to the intake velocity - but if it did happen, you would reget it. Honda has put the 2 cables on for a reason - perhaps your cable(s) need maintenance or replacing. If it has been kinked the outer will still have a slight "memory" which will stop the free movement.
  6. Super Mato


    Sorry, I didnt read your post properly - an X slip on will not have the performance of an R full system.
  7. Super Mato


    The R system is constructed from Stainless Steel, the X from mild steel with an internal and external ceramic coating. Mike Young (Mr Big Gun) advised that the X is their best system for power, but it doesnt look as good as the R. They both come with the Vortex quiet insert and spark arrestor - insert in, bottom to mid improvement @ 94db, insert out mid to top gains @102db. And they offer an ignition box to complement the exhaust. Service parts are good too - single strand packing kit to keep the muffler in top shape and a warranty/damage policy. www.biggunexhaust.com
  8. Super Mato

    no front brake

    If you retracted a piston unevenly it may be jammed in the caliper. The air will rise in the brake line and sit in the curve at the top of the line - lean the bike over to the left, to get the air to flow to the master cylinder, and flick the lever in and out to get the air into the fluid reservoir - you can loosen the m/c banjo bolt slightly to let air out if there is a lot in there or cable tie the lever in and let it sit overnight.
  9. Needle and seat in the carburettor x 2. Turn the fuel off when not in use.
  10. Super Mato

    Best thumper engine for a road-racer?

    50 RW HP should be easy with a competition motor - YZ 450, although the 5 valve design may not be optimum. Honda CRF is a good unit, but I imagine you want a twin cam engine so you can "play" with the valve overlap for high speed running. Suzuki RMZ only has a 4 speed box - if you can find a book called "The Racing Motorcycle Vol 1" by John Bradley, he gives some good insights into motor selection - especially regarding estimated speeds and primary drive ratio's - and a few fabrication techniques. I used to get 58 RW HP from Suzuki DR 600 engines, but the components in the new 4T's are so much better, and with a large piston and crank the cases go fairly regularly - especially with the sustained high RPM we used to run at Phillip Island
  11. Super Mato

    I need advice on removing the chain

    Hmm - I am going to be tagged as anal retentive, but - motion pro has a pair of pliers specifically for removing the circlip and I love it. It is one of my favorite tools. It has "v" notches on both the jaws for locating on the pins, and one end is longer than the other so the clip moves freely underneath it. No more searching for the clip when it disappears. It gives a lot of control and doesnt stretch the clip.
  12. Super Mato

    Silly valve check ?'s

    When checking valve clearance, if you set the motor a TDC you can observe the relative condition of the cam chain, by how far the timing has retarded. Check TDC via the left side inspection cap - its more accurate, remove the right side cap to turn the motor over. Valve clearances will normal "settle" one thou initially, but it sounds like yours is on the way out - the Ti oxide coating is wearing through, and they will continue to close.
  13. Super Mato

    Acerbis fender

    Good product -from the stencil for drilling to suit your bike, vent grills to lower engine temp, the rigidity to stop flexing and movement and soft plastic that doesnt weaken when bent. Used on all of my bikes.
  14. Super Mato

    Exhaust Gasket Removal?

    It will have crushed down and will have a small lip overlapping the port. Use a long(10") flat (wide) blade screwdriver, place the shaft near the outside exhaust stud (20 to 2 position-like a clock face) with the flat tip inside the port (behind the gasket)and lever the gasket out - it will not take a lot of pressure to move it.
  15. Super Mato

    air filter oil cleaner ?

    Gas should not be used for cleaning airfilters as it enlarges the filter pores, which reduces its ability to filter fine particles. There is also the risk of vapor residue and backfiring. Twin Air has a range of filter prep products, including a bio degradable product which is mixed from granules and water - convenient as you can transport it easily. Cleaning filters is another use for Simple Green.