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  1. Degsy

    Cold weather running

    thanks guy's for your quick replies i had tried turning the idle speed but as mentioned not very good either not enough or way too much, thought it might be down to carb icing i will look into getting a heating element as i use the bike all year round. many thanks again degsy
  2. Degsy

    9125 mi on my 05 sm

    im coming up to 6k on my 400s love it to bits Degsy
  3. Degsy

    Cold weather running

    hi folks, i live in UK and have a 04 DRZ400s but in really cold spells the bike starts ok but does'nt like running on idle /slow speed in these conditions even after travelling to work 6 miles as im turning at slow speed in car park or stopping at lights etc the bike tries to cut out. I have no problems at all when its even slightly warmer or when travelling longer distances. The bike as a full power bomb exhaust and the jetting is correct but has not been modified 3x3 etc. The bike is regulary serviced every 1000k and is well looked after. any helped much appreciated Degsy
  4. Degsy

    The Showcase your DRZ thread

    here's my S
  5. Degsy

    how many miles in 1 day??

    it was very windy heading down south a lot of bufferting but as we kept mainly to 'A' roads not too bad, backside not too bad more top/inside of thighs got a little tender but ok next day no real aches at all considering, on the motorway from Exeter to Manchester we kept at a steady 75/80 and refuelled twice ps on the final stages (motorway=head down)opened her up and saw an indicated 96mph and still rising great day this time last week
  6. Degsy

    how many miles in 1 day??

    answer = 710mls Manchester to Lands End and back, my mate and i did on our DRZ's last week set off at 4:30am and got back at 23:30pm, 8 fuel stops, 1 double punture, 2 happy tired riders
  7. Degsy

    Pair Air System

    thanks for that
  8. Degsy

    Pair Air System

    hi folks, my 2004 DRZ is fitted with this Pair (Air suppy) Valve, what does it do? why are some bikes fitted with them and others not? im based in UK and im sure my bike is a UK spec bike thanks for any replies
  9. Degsy

    What's the farthest you've driven your DRZ...

    No my mate and me are planning an 800ml round trip soon
  10. Degsy

    What's the farthest you've driven your DRZ...

    Did 200+ miles first day i bought it from private seller mainly motorway in pouring rain 2004 S model Blue planning longer trip soon will post when completed
  11. Degsy

    What color is yours?

    mines blue / white as standard did'nt know they came in green????
  12. Degsy

    what bike did your DRZ replace ?

    had this Yamaha TTR250 for 4 years great bike
  13. Degsy

    Pics of youre drz

    here's my DRZ only had it 2 months but bloody love it
  14. Degsy

    what street bikes are DRZers riding?

    here's my bike's DRZ400s and BMW1200GS
  15. Degsy

    how do you post a pic. with a thread

    just done said links quite easy thanks. my DRZ400s