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    Gold in that thar oil!

    Fair enough, the maintenance is probably the culprit here. The guy presented the bike well and appeared fastidious. Judging by the amount of oil remaining in the 4L pack he'd certainly done several oil changes but the filters (especially the long one) looked a bit on the dark side...
  2. The Buzzard

    Gold in that thar oil!

    Hi all, I've just bought a 5 month old 07 450 EXC. It came with the motard wheel kit and the previous owner had ridden it (to work mainly) for 25 hours and 1,400 kilometers. I've ridden it off-road for three hours so it has a total of 28 on it now. I changed the oil in the weekend and to my dismay found the oil in the drain pan was glittering gold! Very small pieces (1mm or less each) and lots of them. It appears to be a plating of some sort as it's gold on one side and silver on the other and does not stick to a magnet. As well as being in the pan they were stuck all over the bottom screen. My local dealer here in Auckland, New Zealand thinks it's most likely to come from the cage on the big end (con-rod) bearing although there's no knock or any other unusual sounds coming out of it at this stage, and quoted around $2,000 (NZD) or $1,400 (USD) to strip and rebuild the engine. The 2K does include mains, rings and a few other bits that would be silly not to replace while it's all apart. Does anybody have any thoughts on this? Is there anything else that's gold inside an 07 RFS engine? Anyone had this same problem at this early stage (or at any stage)? To say I'm gutted at the thought of spending 2K this soon would be an understatement.
  3. The Buzzard

    Any other mid 30s folks getting back into it?

    I started out on the dirt at age 17, rode everything, mx, enduro, hare scrambles and then one day just stopped (because of a girl) at 23... ... At 39 I bought a brand new R1 and life started for me again... After a while (at 42) the dirt bug bit again so I bought a new YZ250F and headed out to the local mx track. That was a life changing experience, my first few laps were most intense. The track was congested with really fast guys (and girls) but the sweet handling of the Yammy saved my arse time and 'front wheel landing' time. The only side effect was that I was reduced to walking like cripple for the first few weeks... Now (4 months on) it just gets better with every outing. I can't reccommend it enough. I'd forgotten how cool the mx crowd were, no pressure and lots of help. I even have a 16 year old 'personal trainer'...
  4. The Buzzard

    New way to install grips w/o glue

    There's nothing better than hairspray! And wire...