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  1. raven-9

    Post up your white XRs

    i like that:) very nice
  2. raven-9

    Reed, forget it

    well said , and said by someone who isn't 18, im not a reed fan im a fan of racing in general, and he gives it to us every time as does JS, stop hating the guy he's only human , he is better then most so he's doing something right! sitting behind a keyboard is easy ..step up and try the real thing... i doubt even half the people commenting have even raced before in their life:bonk:
  3. raven-9

    Which vintage bike would you buy?

    i loved the XL 500's what a top machine in the day virtually indestructible. A mate over here just did an RG 500 4cylder 2 stroke roady , i'm a suzuki fan, but at the same time anything old school id run with, it's much harder to source parts down here though i got 2 honda Z 50's waiting for the right parts at the right price.
  4. raven-9

    wiring harness 250x

    all for the R model those ones.
  5. raven-9

    2003 Wr450 In The Sand????

    do these things and all will be zen back steers the front in sand keep that in mind
  6. raven-9

    wiring harness 250x

    hi internet peoples! im talking on behalf of a mate who is chasing a wiring harness for an 04 250x any ideas on where we should look? we are in Aus but postage shouldn't be to hard if we can find something.. cheers for any help
  7. raven-9

    Are all bikes made the same?

    i had a few RM's in the 90's and they were great bikes no complaints here, but if your loking for a last forever bike i think the honda z 50's would have to take the cake i still have 2 of them.. most reliable to most unreliable compared to the new gen Honda's CRF's which don't last long at all, they are quick and handle well but cheap valves and train and not faceing the problem put them behind as far as reliability and ride time goes. maybe not so much an issue over there , but here we pay big for parts like you get for next to nothing.. it amazes me people still buy them knowing their faults, with so many other choices.
  8. raven-9

    What a SEXY thing!!!!!!

    owned a lot of bikes road and trail, but the V max is something that has and will last forever...top machine that new one looks awesome.
  9. raven-9

    post your pumpkin!

    here is my 525 exc old but still goes hard.
  10. yes it's a dumb question and yes your an idiot you need to see my above statement and add retarded. top vid ben:thumbsup:
  11. raven-9

    Yay or Nay??

    Looks Big, Looks Yank...no Thx
  12. some how Ive lost the inner rubber bit on the gas cap that stops the fuel from leaving the tank to rest on my balls, this is getting ridiculous after a hard weekend riding away from the missus then having to head home with balls that are red and sensitive and tell her "it's from petrol honey honest" id throw fuel on her to prove a point but it isn't the done thing these days, so does anyone know where i can find a cheap alloy billet cap to suit an IMS tank?
  13. raven-9

    450 to much power?

    depending on what moto x track, and depending on what your definition is of VERY OPEN ... i know i could be faster in single track on a smaller bike but here in AUS QLD a 125 is next to useless the biger bores are more viable.. but in saying that the CRF is a whole different animal to a 125 , my opinion is the bike will hurt you! edit: and keep in mind your talking about one of the most costly bikes to maintain in the history of jap dirt bikes!
  14. raven-9

    Robbie Maddisons new years eve jump

    oh ok then..was he wearing a stars and stripes cape? i hope he was , capes are underrated these days, i feel they need a come back:)