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  1. I,m looking for a tall seat for a 2005 YZ250F, similar to the one that Enduro Engineering makes for KTM's.
  2. I have a YZ250F & have installed PowerNow mods, QS2 accelerator pump cover, scott fuel screw and went up (2) teeth on the rear sprocket. This took away the dead spots or bog off the bottom and made a big difference on the trail.
  3. I scored 90 out of 107! Yes I was at the Pittsburgh Supercross but I was only 15 years old (at least I still have my memory!) When I pass on bury me under a whoop!
  4. Manage Electrical Maintenance Dept at a Power generation station:eek:
  5. Thanks Barton, you are my hero also. I have the same problem but not as severe (05 YZ250F). Barely noticeable in the summer but now it feels worse even with proper warm up. I was getting ready to rip throught he manual but I'll follow the FAQ first. I'll tackle it during deer season (can't ride, yz not fast enough to dodge bullets) after this week end I'll take the newly tuned machine to the woods for a thrashin'. P.S. I love this bike, I just got back into bikes after a 13 years & this sucker makes me smile. Yamaha did a bang up job!!
  6. I ride in Eastern Ohio where it ranges from super tight tree riddled trails to flat out open desert type terrain. I cut my bars slightly wider than my shoulder width and have no problems in the tight stuff with sacrificing high speed stability. Also, bark busters make great tree bumpers..